Surprises in Preevytip

Like every summer, I spared time to be guest in Preevytip.

DSC02594Around 7 p.m., right after the arrival, mum and I headed towards the high school where the results from the matura were announced. I was very nostalgic while walking in the school yard. Now, unfamiliar children had taken over the playground where I used to “play” football in the first year. The paths where lots of students gathered and professors passed, were empty. And the results… The most important I already know. On 06.07. mum checked my two A’s Philosophy and Geography (89 and 79 points respectively). Those results were expected, but the grades for Macedonian and English kept me in suspense until 12.07., one day after they hit the Internet – both A’s with 93.81 and 94.55 respectively as I knew I’d done worse Macedonian. The same day she went to see the others’ achievements posted on the gymnasium’s bulletin board n’ I found out Sarah and Mary’s ones were identical – Macedonian B’s, English A’s, but opposed to the truth, I found Mary’s two B’s. Also, earlier that day Sarah (my cousin) had informed me that, Elaine had failed English and surprisingly E. couldn’t pass it as well. She also told me she saw Ashley (my partner) and Mary N. (who had 3 English and (my faded surprise of the day) – she smokes!) working at “Creshovo topche”.

Knowing the “shocks” it was left for me to see that Renee is one of the fives who failed English, Tiffany had 2 B’s and that I was sharing the privilege to have two A’s only with Iris, Brenda and Damon.

Most of the internal matura grades for at least our class were very unreal (Barbara has A) i.e. inflated.

An hour later, while I and Sarah were waiting for our pizzas at Vento, mum asked Marlyn what faculty will Dustin enroll to, she answered English in Stip, just as my current choice. I got cheerful. God doesn’t leave me alone.
Leslie: Will he travel or stay there?
Marlyn: He’ll travel.
I never doubted God. Not coincidently Dustin is in the few students from my generation I have the highest opinion of. Now the negative side is that having someone who knows my past will kind of interfere of completely changing myself from fake to real, but the BIG plus side is that the transport is significantly relieved as the faculty is out of town. One reason: GOD.

After my non-vegetarian delicious pizza, on the way to Creshovo topche for ice cream, we met Molly with her parents.
-Good evening. – Mum saluted her first.
-Good evening. – I said.
-Nick, how are you?
-Fine, how are You?
She moved her head happily.
Mum later said I smiled and I wasn’t shy. Of course, it was the real me. She made me happy.

On the way to aunt Marlyn’s house I asked Sarah to show me where Sally’s house is. (I’d previously told her she waves me in school, after she said she’s her neighbor.) She said she would, adding she moved to St. Nikole. I was wondered. No plans, so soon. They sold the house. I didn’t found out when, but Marlyn told it’s probably due to Sally’s father’s job location change, plus Sally’s parents lived in St. Nikole where they moved. So sudden. I realised I’d probably never see her again, but I’ll always remember her as my second true love.

Continuing the walking they discussed about some second year girl, Sally Reeves having survived a serious attempt for raping from her friend’s father. Her name, surname and age matched Dave’s ex-girlfriend, so I inquired Sarah. She did study in Stip, and had curly hair, but it was blonde and short.

In her home Sarah showed me the girl on Facebook, and yes, it was her, Dave’s ex-girlfriend which I connected it as a possible reason for their break-up, but an Internet article dating from June, 15 dissuaded me. Sally Reeves was sexually abused. The ultimate shock for the day.

Minutes before midnight, I wished Happy Birthday to Adele Allan via Facebook.

Early In the morning, I wanted to go to the toilet, but was stopped by uncle Darren’s awakeness. After doing the routine, I went back to sleep. I dreamt being friend to Rob T. and I realised I should talk to him first when we see each other. I went to send him off, but then I lost my glasses. The repair girl said it’s the best to buy – new ones. Then… wet dream. Although they had to their faces, both of my male Skopje’s relatives were dark. There was some urgent case and I was behind Sam in the crowd not having enough space to separate from him. I unwillingly got sexually excited to his fat butt. Could he feel my penis? I put my hand. It eventually stopped (both the erection and the dream). I couldn’t believe I ejaculated. On guests, I bent my legs, hoping the stains not to transfer to my pajamas. At 11:30, when Sarah and Marlyn woke up, there were no stains, but when I undressed I noticed two little ones. I folded my pajamas, as for them not to notice.

I was home around 7 p.m..


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