Religion, sex

D-Devils“I can give you sex, drugs and house.”

Wrong. The sex is a gift from God, but not everyone uses it properly.

Why have they abandoned Christianity? How do they don’t even feel need from it? What is their most appreciated value now?

I have an impression that most people living in this community do believe in God, but they don’t respect His rules. They understand the Christianity as sth more, voluntarily accepted and that the only ones who should completely respect His rules are the priests. If so, only priests should be saved? It is unclear to me how people say “Oh my God” not realising they are doing sin. Religion is not something plus, it’s something basic. Obligation, a way of life.

Having parents raised with wrong values (e.g. revenge), children are not even aware of the profane life they have. They believe that it is important who wins at the moment, so they do their best to take the opponent down.

Currently, in Macedonia most people lose their virginity on age 16 to 20. They don’t think of God while doing it, but of fear not to conceive another one like them. They keep doing it knowing, but not being aware that God watches them. Those people don’t fear God, but fear their libido. Today, it is widely accepted that it is very normal to have sex before marriage. If so, why do they wed, having already humiliated the marriage? Worse, for those who stayed pregnant, how can they stand proudly in church while the priest does the ceremony? But obviously thinking of this would be the last thing on their mind. Anyway we can’t judge them.

They sin when dare to have it regardless of is it just indulging the sexual need or making love, but it becomes serious to them when the girl impregnates. Those with “traditional spirit” usually keep the baby. They select which sin to do (fornification vs abortion). They baby is born because it’s THEIR baby – the individual aspect. By that logic, it’s THEIR punishment if they don’t regret.

In the marriage those couples try many new things as they have bigger freedom now, kinky stuff (sexual positions) as enslaved to their bodily pleasures. They generally don’t marry during fasts, but they do have sex in the periods they should have their purification. It’s like they’re without control. They do what they want having put themselves in front of God. Do they deserve to be called Christians?

They continue the feasts on holidays and they, now I’m speaking for the males, teach their children it’s OK to have sex as long as they use protection. And they find many words and phrases for the pleasure: nail, bang, live your life. It’s like they have 2 Gods: One on deed, another One on word. Even if some child knows the real values, in the eyes of the others it’s either crazy or “priest”. Where is God to those people? Where is God to the porn actors who wear cross while shooting? Why the Bible laws aren’t universal laws?

It’s their choice whether to believe or not, despite the many signs of God’s existence. The chance of repenting is open for them and God will accept them, like He accepted us, all sinners. Once they choose the right way, they won’t go back.

And just for them to know: the human’s highest pleasure doesn’t happen in bed, it’s the feeling of being alive.

With sex you get a momentary pleasure, with God the pleasure is eternal.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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10 Responses to Religion, sex

  1. makagutu says:

    You know I disagree a lot but it is good to see you writing.
    Hope all is well with you

    • Real real me says:

      I know, but have in mind this was written 2 years ago.
      All is well with me, but I’m often busy.
      How are you?

      • makagutu says:

        Am doing well, can’t complain.
        Has any of your views on sex, religion and god changed since we have known each other?

      • Real real me says:

        Yeah they did. I figured out that the world goes real and lives while the religious people don’t really have such a fulfilled life.

      • makagutu says:

        has what you have learnt made you change a few things, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Real real me says:

        Actually a life situation made me change my mind… I’ve been led by the religious principles, so I criticized some colleagues they acted sinfully, they got mad at me… so I realized that they are happy even when they lived like that having each other… and I was NOT, in my religious understanding.
        More on that when I’ll get to write about 2013. This is a diary about changing after all.

      • makagutu says:

        Are we anywhere near 2013 and thanks for responding to my question, I know it is/ was a bit personal to ask

      • Real real me says:

        As I share almost everything in my diaries, it’s not really a problem to me.
        No… sadly we are not…. We’re mid July 2012… I used to be so long back then….

  2. Lucía says:

    Although I’m an atheist, your opinion is indeed worth a read. Thank you for such a post. Maybe someday I’ll post a religion-related reply to it… Kind regards, L.

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