17.06.2012 – 21.06.2012

Sunday 17.06.2012

Internet – Online. The service suggested to restart the router and it worked.

Aunt Tricia was guest.

My family was worried that I should stop dieting.

It was Kimberly’s wedding day.


Monday 18.06.2012

I went at grandma’s where M. told me that Marcus (on Pigs), Greg, Derek (from my ex-class), Justin and Ethan asked him why I hide on the window. I told him my opinion about those. I didn’t really cared about Greg, Justin and Derek. I told him Ethan thinks I’m crazy (tags: Macedonian, bus) and I didn’t have anything negative about Marcus.

I measured my weight at Madeline after one week of dieting: 60kg – lost 2kg.

Later that day I saw Al from the window and he waved. I raised my right arm and made a circle (similar to waving). Unfortunately, he didn’t do it towards me, but towards some other guys on the road.


Tuesday 19.06.2012

TV, PC, studying Philosophy.


Wednesday 20.06.2012

Home all day, studying.


Thursday – 21 06 2012

From bad to worse.

In the evening I decided to escape from the monotony at home and go with mum to grandma’s garden where she was. But mum told me grandma Yolanda might be there as their car was outside, so we returned. Just when I got upstairs, Barbara came at my place. She told us some details about her sister’s wedding and of course logged in to Facebook. When she was leaving, she said “Sorry that I bothered you” to which I responded nothing.

After she left, I complained my parents about her coming. How come there wasn’t even a minute distance between my and her entering through the gate? It would have definitely been better if I stayed in that garden that evening. She didn’t even have the material for examining the following day and I was supposed to study….

I later saw she wrote me a SMS before she came. Why I went back?


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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2 Responses to 17.06.2012 – 21.06.2012

  1. makagutu says:

    This is a day of a busy student with many issues 😀

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