12.06.2012, 13.06.2012

Tuesday 12.06.2012

Matura 2/4 – English.

The previous taxi crew. Tension again.

Waiting, of course.

I was in the same group (with few changes – Virginia and Irene) with the same teacher who said I know who you are. The questions were harder than I expected, we had a formal letter to write and the essay was about pollution (boring!). A student from another class, Irene who sat in front of me turned around to see the answers from me. She wanted me to write them on the official sheet but I wasn’t sure about them so I “classified” her as someone who’s trying to use me but:
-Later to give me to rewrite two sentences from the essay, I’ll tell you those you don’t have. Right?
Еh that’s the way it can.
She helped me, but didn’t manage to rewrite from me because of the teacher’s numerous warnings. I previously compared some of my answers to Virginia’s tellings to others. They were generally the same but … no 3 wasn’t.
-Don’t think it. … You can’t re-correct it. – The teacher said to me.
-I can here, and not on this sheet.
-Eh yes.
-I’m not sure about this.
Telling her I might cross it out.
-Who do you want me to ask?
-Virg. (I showed sign where she was).
-This one behind you?
-Ask her.
-Here, arranged it. – And she stood on the door to guard from the commission.
She told me the combination on the article about decisions (DCBAE) but after a long consideration I decided to listen myself (DBAEC).

Outside, I sat on the stairs as Irene and Diana wanted, after a while I found myself sitting between a group of boys, only I was a step ahead.

DSC02595 - Copy
It was the teacher Leslie’s voice, but I heard the last guy on my left is also named Nick, so … but no response, so I turned:
-What are you thinking?
As she was leaving she showed sign with her hand inviting me: I went to her.
-How did it go?
-Good, it could have been easier though. About the text I wasn’t sure.
-There, you consulted.
-I didn’t change them. I left them as I wanted.
-OK, don’t worry. You will pass all of them with A. (Knowing me.)
-Come on.
-Come on bye.
She nodded and left. She is a real example of an adjustable teacher. People like those (who believe in me) cheer me up. I’m certain she is good, I don’t leave any chance of her disappointing me sometime. Only thinking of her clears up my worries.

Returned to my position, more boys gathered, they surrounded me, talked, one pulled back. I realised I DON’T fit there, so I sat on the closest bench. Mary and Barbara G. convinced me to go under shadow, I refused. I was surprised by a new school teacher, an acquaintance to mum’s, coming to me asking me what I chose to examine and how was it. Like.

Again, we weren’t spared from waiting, doing it for Andrea who didn’t eventually show up and waiting for Sarah due to a subject connected to her brother. What I would say: “They create their obligations by themselves, not to say the problems”.
But… aren’t we humans…

In the afternoon – Billy and Dominic at my house.


Wednesday 13 06 2012

Standardly: Billy and Dominic at my place playing games while I was writing in my diary.

In the evening – walking.


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