09.06.2012, 10.06.2012

Saturday 09.06.2012

Matura 1/4 – Macedonian.

Tension, waiting, putting myself in the “fake me” shoes, a friendly surprise, spiritual pleasure, trust, disappointment, showing interest, commending, connecting things, not worrying, being objective, being tired.

That’s how in a short note I would describe my day.

-There was a TENSION in the taxi, Sarah, Mary, Andrea and me discussing the possibilities for the following exam. Andrea was worried the most.

-There’s always some WAITING. Waiting for the girls to buy water, waiting for Sarah to buy pen, waiting to become 10 o’clock…

-Like almost always when there’s some school activity I stepped into my “FAKE ME” SHOES being out of the company.

A FRIENDLY SURPRISE: To my astonishment, after kissing the girls Melanie C. kissed me as well. She knows me so she was not afraid to do the gesture unlike Monique who kissed Sarah and Darryl in Cool and omitted me with a hand greeting. My opinion for Melanie Collins just became higher. She is a very intelligent, agile girl. Love her.

I’m not sure, but in my opinion, the event happened on Thursday. It is more logical she to kiss us then having not been in school for around 20 days than seeing us after 2 days. Besides Andrea and Melanie were argued ‘till last year. No,no. Not coincidently – I put the word “surprise” when thinking of this day. – Perhaps it was this day. Probably.

SPIRITUAL PLEASURE: I was the only boy in the classroom labeled No.2 with Mary and Tiffany, being supervised by Leslie, a primary school – Craft teacher of mine who really appreciated me – calling me the “best” and once in 7th grade she had a lesson with me as only student. Now, she said “Nick I didn’t recognize you”, smiled, touching me.

TRUST: There was one advisor from Skopje walking through the 8 classrooms. There were so many questions during almost 4 hours. We couldn’t be sure about everything, so Mary sitting behind me asked me about several answers, I asked her too.

-I experienced a little DISAPPOINTMENT when I realised I’d darken a wrong circle. I asked the teacher, she said “Leave it”. Anyway I darkened the correct one too and wrote X o0401_bschools_SAT_970-630x420ver the wrong one. The computer won’t acknowledge it to me. Overall, it could have been easier specially the questions about “Albatross”, I chose to write essay about romanticism instead of “Does media bring people closer or move them further apart”, and the final three texts were very easy.

-I liked the INTEREST the professor Bernard SHOWED in the hall asking me “How was it”. He had asked Mary as well.

-In front of the school in a more relaxed atmosphere we gathered and talked about the exam. Mary and I found ourselves mistake when Dustin said the answer was “Spleen”. He COMMENDED me saying that I know everything having straight A’s. Ethan arrived and asked Dustin 2 questions – number of words of essay and the number of pens he had (So being all about numbers, Ethan is easy to crack) calling him “DUCKY“. CONNECTING THINGS (from his and my side): It was not hard to adopt the nickname having a friend in Zlox who was never named differently by his friends. Missing somebody?

-In the taxi I learnt I should have written “Homonyms” instead of “Synonyms” on a line. But I wasN’T WORRIED.

BEING OBJECTIVE: Home, I realised I have around 5 incorrect answers. Anyway the grade is more important than the points, most important is that it’s over.

TIRED: During the rest of the day I was mostly exhausted, not being able to completely focus on another thing.


Sunday 10.06.2012

Sarah came to Zlox. I must mention the delicious banica that grandma Debra made.

Billy and Dominic came and finally there was a storm in Zlox. It was Dominic’s birthday and I ate from his birthday cake.


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