05.06.2012, 06.06.2012

Tuesday 05.06.2012

Another important detail from yesterday’s conversation that Lilly told grandma in confidence:
-“Sarah didn’t know English at all.”
So I’m not the only the only one who notices.

Mum went to visit the godmother and while I and dad were returning from our walk, I noticed two guys coming from the opposite side of the road. Those were Marcus on Pigs and Al.
Dad and Marcus greeted each other. (I’m not sure about the order, but I allude to: dad then Marcus.) Then Albert said “Hello” too. I simply had to return it, but mine was very quiet, I’m not sure if even one of them heard me. Progress, progress.


Wednesday 06.06.2012

1eMy very beloved ex-professor Sue sent me a present via mum for the graduation: enveloped 500 denars plus the best dessert according to her and me: “Atlantis”. I love that she respects me (as an ex-colleague of mum’s). She said she’s coming either in Zlox either on mum’s working place. Action!

It was my cousin Sarah’s celebration for her half graduation the following day. I, uncle and grandma were deciding what time should we go out. My priority was to see “the mines” who would come out of the bus around 14:05, but M. was insisting we to go earlier and Sarah wanted us to go at 12:30. I prayed to God I to make the right decision and…

On Facebook Mary had written me that the next day we were supposed to go at the school to apply for the matura (although again it seemed to me as fulfilling sb’s working time) and she offered me I to go with them at 13:30. Of course, I accepted. Problem solved (thanks to God).


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