Monday 04 06 2012

Dynamic since the morning.

1: I dreamt a snake jumped on me when I was with my relatives on a terrace. It seized as it was approaching.

2: Like my room was our classroom, Brian entered and after seeing no one but me was there, he asked me:

-Your mother isn’t here?
I dared:
-Why everytime you ask me about mum?
-Your mother’s pussy. Your mother’s…

3: Liza was having lesbian sex with some Amy. Sarah (c.) tried my underwear, I put a sock on my penis for her not to see it, I felt good, like masturbation, I went on. I surprisingly stopped. I woke up. There was no release of sexual feeling, but there was sperm flowing out. Did I break my cycle? But my hand was on my waist. So, no, I don’t consider it as an orgasm, just as a wet dream.

At 10:10 while I was brushing my teeth, a car was in front my house. My dad came in.
-Will you go on Macedonian lessons for matura in Prevytip? Sarah asks.
-No. I can’t now.
-OK. (He went out.) He’s not going. Sorry.
-(smiling) Nothing. (She left.)
Sorry? If anyone should said sorry, it was supposed to be her – for disturbing us. I mean, I was still in pajamas.
When I asked dad why he said it, he replied “The girl has come here”. “The girl” (as he adored to call her) came here with taxi to share the taxi cost with me. Just imagine the taxi was full, it becomes very clear she wouldn’t come.

Sarah left to Preeytip, but a voice about her arrived right from there: On the phone grandma Rose (who was in Preevytip) dad that Darryl’s mother told her Darryl asked some professor why wasn’t I chosen for the student of the generation, she replied:
-You protest all the time.
Darryl wanted justice and I was surprised by his action. It prompted dad to call the principle. I tried to stop him:
-Ask mum first.
-What your mum? She’ll say no. …
-You could have been VMRO too, but you were honest.
-Who’s honest nowadays?
But God appreciates it.
-I’m cheerful this way too.
-You are cheerful?
-I am… To other things.
You know to which. …
-I can’t forbid you but I’m telling you don’t call. That would be impropriety и rudeness. What, are you gonna change something? Not that you’re afraid from him (we are supposed to be afraid from God only), he’s a human like us as well (By volume maybe as two). You’re asking for something deserved.
He changed his last decision and entered in the room again.
-What was the number?
-Еh I don’t know that. Even if you kill me I can’t tell you.
-Was it 012?
-I don’t know.

He took the phone and while he was dialing, I was praying. Luckily the secretary, his friend Tim told the principal was not there. Nevertheless, dad had already told him the problem, to which Tim replied that he isn’t involved in the decision. Call ended.
Dad’s fire subsided:
-We should have filed a report on time. When you are stupid…
So what? The diploma and the book is just material. God gave me a spiritual pleasure just as I want the day the decision was officially published (Ted’s most recent talk to me). It CAN NOT be a coincidence. Then Michael came.

After I returned from grandma Debra and grandad’s garden, I received information from grandma Rose on the “best” subject: Grandma and Lilly sat together (it comes again) for like half an hour and apparently the professor he complained to taught Biology (but it was Sue). Grandma was told the subject and the name, but she didn’t remember it. Anyway according to her answer, she had NO (re)liable argument, so she said it. A pity for her.
–…but I tell him “be quiet we are neighbours”.
My closeness coming from the fake me towards him is worth: he cares about me (although I don’t care about the subject).


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  1. Johng123 says:

    This actually answered my drawback, thank you! edaakbecdead

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