Sunday 03 06 2012

Before noon I, mum and dad went on a mini picnic near the river.

At 15:09 she sent me a message that she started. I didn’t have a bad time at all. I showed her about the 4 given types of exercises.
She confirmed Andy and Cassandra’s repeating and she asked me why didn’t they choose me as the best.
-…Why Sarah? What… when has she stood up to answer Economy? I mean on tests maybe she knew…
-Dad says she has connections.
-She does have connections to tell you.
-I think that this year Sarah knew the most.
-No. Let it be, importantly we know you’re the best.
-Mary is good too. – Was I modest?
-I’m not saying she’s not good. You’re always ready and rarely when you don’t know something.
-I study regularly… I don’t care much.
-That’s right. What that’s just a diploma.

22 - CopyOn the repertoire: Music and Facebook and … a cigarette.
-Does the cigarette suits me?
-I think you’re still young.
-19 years. Turned. …

Mum reminded I should eat, after what after what Elaine left. Like I said it WASN’T bad at all. Mum says “everyone puts up a facade”.

LadyGaGaBadRomanceIn the evening while I was watching Trotoar Late Night they guessed the song to me – Bad Romance – I kind of danced. Somebody from outside whistled. I looked on the window. Two people. Some of the “mines”, but I didn’t looked at them all the time. I looked again but they weren’t looking at back. Mum entered: Did you see them?
I saw them, but I didn’t hear what she said them. She opened the window:
-What is this every evening? Like insane ones. One can’t sleep because of you. If Walter gets out you’ll see.
They shamefully turned their heads down.
It’s not fair, if only my parents were as good as those souls…

Is this the end of the windows stories?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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