Saturday 02 06 2012

“Nikey if you are free I to come on fb to see sth

Message received at 13:19.
You guess – Barbara.
Even on a holiday, I can’t rest myself.

Me: Why are people so…
Mum: Shameless.
-Not shameless. It’s a mild word for her.  To say insane.

Alien2I changed my opinion about her again, but I changed it once again, because she did sth I would have never done – she brought me an ice-cream.
I had my lunch and on Facebook she viewed models for bundles, serviettes and house decorations for her sister’s wedding. When she left I asked mum what kind of opinion I should have about her because I am changing it all the time, mum said: “You change as she changes”.

This wasn’t supposed to enter in the diary, but half a year ago, it would surely did: Mum met Ethan’s mother who asked her to which faculty I would enroll. She told her I don’t know. Victoria told her Ethan is busy with going to proms lately while she was advised him to study for matura. To prove I’m nothing less than Ethan, mum told her I go to proms too. My question is “To which ones?”

In the evening, another phone message: “Nick can i come tomorrow at your place to show me some exercise on monday im taking maths write to know at what time elaine.
It was received at 20:32 but I didn’t see it until 21:56.
A man can’t be calm not even on the seventh day.

I got angry again. Was my computer really a bitch (as I knew she’d ask me for FB)?
I yelled at my parents:
-The country was reasonable after 12 years the education not to be obligatory, she is not reasonable.

Mum: Her mother told me she was only left on examination Macedonian.
-I’m telling you, insane is a mild word for them.
-How can such a person that has aborted (as I know) not to have shame? (I avoided her name)
Mum: Why do you care if she had aborted or not?
-I care.
I DO care. The Holy Bible says a man who touches a woman who’s in her period is unclean until the evening. I question how long unclean is a man if touches a woman who had abortion?

-I wanna spit in her face. … I’d rather get crazy.

My parents advised me I to lie that I won’t be home next day, but …
I answered her that I saw the message late (which I did – notice I didn’t use “now”) and that I’m free in the afternoon (didn’t want directly to say: COME).
I don’t do it for her (it’s HER irresponsibility for not studying through the year), I don’t do it for myself (like my social reputation is high and I’m supposed to keep it), I do it for God (Who loves me all the time).

She replied she’s stopping by around 3 o’clock (with greeting which I didn’t need).

At least no one disturbs me in the night.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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