29.05.2012 – 01.06.2012

Tuesday 29.05.2012

While returning from school, Al (Ted’s brother) told his fellow companions:
-Look at him. – Who else, but me.
Many others saw me.


Wednesday 30.05.2012

While I was sitting near the opened window with my back facing outside, Al smiled right after he saw me.


Thursday 31 05 2012

Went at grandma’s.
All normal: studying for matura, Internet, TV…


Friday 01.06.2012

I was planning to quit writing day-per-day diary, but the events don’t abandon me.

Michael was succeeded in his persistency I and mum to come at their place, with my protesting:
-Why would I care about you?
-And why would I care about you?
Obviously you do, since you opposed me.
Later I regretted for my anger, but … everything happens with a reason. Now there are significant less bad feelings from my side towards him.

In the afternoon, Marcus, Al, Lester and a new-to-you character – Alex, passed and saw me on the window. Al waved me (how fair, was it because earlier that day I didn’t wait for some of them to pass, so later I to come out of grandma’s? I decided I had to dare once (I and Marcus kind of looked each other, mum told him “Hello”)), and Marcus said “Hello”, but I was already behind the curtain to respond him.

Mum, I and Michael were at their hall and from time to time I checked who’s passing on the road and… I saw Sarah and Mary, Sarah waved me. I hid, showed up, Sarah waved me again. She and Mary came next to the door. Sarah:
-Eh why are you hiding?
-I’m being shy.
She said she‘d phoned me to arrange for a present for Darryl’s prom, but “the phone was servicing”.
-…Why didn’t you come?
-Well do I have to go everywhere where they will invite me?  And we aren’t close with Darryl.
-What does that have to do with it?
Mum: What does close have to do with it, you are classmates.

Mum: Well come at Nick’s.
Sarah: Let him come at our places too. We go to lectures in Preevytip.
Mum: I was told by Ashley Naumes. Who are you from Zlox?
-Me, Mary, Andrea and Melanie. If you want you come too.
-You go to English as well?
-Eh than no.
We smiled.

Mum asked them about their plan for studying and they asked me. During the conversation, I noticed somebody from the road with a gang was looking at me. I looked the person. It was Brian who (now) looked ahead. I pulled back with intention to hide. Bombastic.
After S&M left, M. asked me:
-Why were you smiling?
-I’m cheerful that I saw some people… Unlike you.
And you know well whom I thought of.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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