Wednesday 16.05.2012

No result for the student of generation. Apparently the professors voted anonymously (and Dalton who wasn’t on the meeting said he had suggested me).

I bought croissant and chocolate milk. Sally waved me.

When I went to wash my hands, some male said:
-Sally… – about me, so she looked at me.
Does she love me?
Fred and Tailor (friend) also waved me.

We didn’t have Management.

1-paris-gallery-creed-1112036 - CopyAfter school my partner Ashley and I bought each other presents (watch and perfume) for the prom from Nick. Originally she chose to buy me a cologne water, eventually I changed my mind.

With Kathy we sat on a bench in the square. Melanie and Renee joined us. Ethan, Renee and Derek too. Mel asked me if I have been when they read the announcement about the prom offer with intention to ask me for the drinks. I coldly said:
-If I tell you I was, you’ll ask me what it was.
-My God!
(Tag: Blasphemy)
I won’t show the real me in presence if soul with affection of the devil.

Later, when we were only I, Kathy, Ashley and Melanie, Kathy asked me what kind of child I want.
-Al the same.
-You don’t want male?
-All right.
-So all of them are the same. – She told her friends.

And later (with Denise):
-How do you imagine your future wife?
-I’m not telling you.
-Еh he gets on my nerves like that. Why aren’t you telling me?
-We are not that close.
-OK, we don’t have to be close for that.
-You’re asking three days before then end and you want me to tell you.
-How does she look like?Is she brunette, blonde, tall, short?
-Like me. – Denise said.
-I haven’t thought about so distant future.

-When you talk to somebody try to look at them. C’mon you talk, I’ll look this way.
We tried, I said it’s stupid, she confirmed.
Melanie: You’ll make new friendships just like here.
Kathy: I came in first year, didn’t know the kids and how much acquaintances I made, and you are with them 8. Ashley came in second year too so how fast she made friendship. On faculty you can set yourself in what kind of light you want.
The smartest sentence I heard that day.
True, unless Facebook betrays me. Never mind I’ll deactivate it. What about the subconscience?
-What? They don’t know you there. You have never shown that you wanna hang out with me.
-I avoid you.
Ashley interrupted us, so Kathy’s question “Why do you avoid me?” remained unanswered. I thought it’s because she is too open about the shortcomings.
-And it’s true what you’re saying Kathy (it becomes interesting when I mention sb’s name)so far I haven’t shown interest to hang out with you.
-Well I try to be more or less close to everyone from the class.Andy wherever he goes, he’s got friends…
I stood up to go. They were about to leave.
-Аh what’s the time Kathy?
Frequent name mention. An occurrence that happens when I really love someone and I do it because I’m happy that in the situation I’m with them.
-25 to 2.

Barbara G. sat with me.

In the evening I heard somebody whistled. It was two people. I think it was Stanley. Interested about me. It means to me.


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