Saturday 12.05.2012

Focus: the evening – Brenda’s 18th birthday.

At 9 p.m. Mary, Sarah, Darryl and I left to Preevytip to celebrate Brenda’s adulthood.

In the yard of “Kaneo” where the part took place, just after we congratulated her it was taken a group photos of us for which Mary hugged me. Regarding the drinking, Mary mixed alcohol with tonic for me which I drank gradually. I was mostly standing alone aside while the others present were having fun. I obviously seemed interesting to the others, so that guy asked me if he could take a photo with me, making me feel as a star. I accepted, he hugged me, I slightly dared to put my hand on his back… and my jeans felt an erection. Of course I didn’t like it.

Later in the evening the guest Max Mizzoli unintentionally hit me while he was dancing. He turned towards me, apologized and touched my back. Knowing him from Facebook, he used to be my ideal one, now I didn’t even want to look at his ass. I’m glad I chose God.

There was a little stage which witnessed Brenda and Damon’s performance of their original song “Go away”. On the microphone David commanded to some girl to dance sexually in order to get him aroused:
-I wanna jerk off!
So he needs stimulation.

While I was sitting a girl passed near me from behind causing my drink to spill on the ground. I didn’t need it anyway.

Mambo_No._5Mary was paying attention to me being next to me and wanted me to dance. She told me she jumped on trash music (imagesthat not everyone can listen) in discothèques in Skopje. To her convincing, I acted reluctantly but I really liked “Mambo No. 5” to which we danced and she graded me with “Great”. Unfortunately the end of the song ended my willingness… During a later effort of hers while our palms were touching I preferred my fingers between hers, I shouldn’t have…

I almost missed to take a piece of the cake but Mary told me we were allowed to, she just didn’t eat that late. The strawberries gave a very pleasantly-surprising taste.

I was also surprised by Brenda’s mother’s presence there.

I felt it was the best birthday party I have ever attended.  In the course of a few hours we could hear samples of over 200 songs for which Brenda had been involved in the selection.

The midnight marked the congratulations to Brenda. I followed the others’ actions and she thanked me a few times. Then many guests went out at the street raving with the hands in

532769_3201732644433_969113818_n - Copythe air, then most of them continued on their way to the night club “Cool”, where we arrived by a car.

It was… full. The crowd was very unnatural to me but I actually liked it. Among the many people we didn’t order anything… we were standing there enjoying in the music and atmosphere.

I somehow ended up with Darryl sitting on the stairs outside while waiting for Mary and her boyfriend to come out. I was quiet while he was talking to a friend from his other side – Nathaniel Shnate.

After Mary and Sh-Shon appeared, we entered in Sh-Shon’s car but she was pushing him she to drive as he was drunk… He said Mary told him she respected me the most from the boys of my class. Really? Well I found it hard to believe as according to my observation she was closer i.e. more communicative to Darryl. After all, she sits next to him at school. Before I left I thanked Sh-Shon calling him by his name.


Extra: This text was written two years later constructed by my memories due to my occupancy in that period. The original (unwritten) detailed version was imagined to contain dialog forms mostly depicting Sh-Shon’s (George’s) statements in the car related to me. In addition, I don’t guarantee for the order the order of the events described. Though it undoubtedly occurred, the erection part wasn’t initially supposed to be revealed in my diary and I did peek at Mizzoli’s background later.


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