Thursday 10.05.2012

Going up.
Before we climbed in the bus Ducky stepped on my leg.
-Hop! Nicky.

In the bus, Barbara found me place next to Zack.

Out of the bus, Brian and I got equal in the walking. He looked at me as I was looking at his side, but I was looking at the newly white haired Cassandra. He speeded up and went with Ducky who soon left him, then he found Zack, but he went to buy food. It’s a God’s deed. We were equal again. … But neither of us looked towards each other. Eventually he speeded up again – at least he gave me a chance.

I didn’t remember Adele was on duty on Thursdays.

edubuntu-logoOn Business Tiffany and I swapped the places because she asked me to log on FB via my AlwaysOnPC account, and I preferred change of place instead of change on edubuntu accounts as  I wanted to see the professor Adele from different perspective. Sarah was back, so I sat on her central position. Eventually she took Tiffany’s place and she commented that she knocks on the desk as Tiffany did because of her place.
-… Tiff is the calmest ‘cos she sits on Nick’s place. Look how clam she is. And Nick laughs the most on my place.
I was just happy because of the chance with Brian and because of the opportunity to be eye in eye with Adele on 90 degrees. I don’t remember what it was, but after Sarah said something, I said “I want us to talk”.
-To talk? It’s because of the place. Еh what do you want us to talk? Ask the professor something.
I didn’t dare:
-Whether she had been to Zlox yesterday?
-Ааh, professor Nick asks if you had been to Zlox yesterday.
-Let him ask me.
Like. My words MEAN to her.
-If was briefly with Beatrice. I haven’t been in a long time.
-Is Zlox changed?
-No. The part that I know isn’t changed.
She told where she was and apparently in the house where Sarah’s mother lived. They found some Irene who sincerely laughed as a topic in common.

Tiffany and I arranged to keep the positions swapped for the rest of the day and on the break Irene said to me:
-Come to tell you a note.
-You. Come.
-I see you are more vivid today. You changed your place, you hang out more these days,you went out. Yesterday you sat with us. You have never sat with us. Here maybe Diana had noticed as well.You are kind of more vivid…
-And has Diana (she looked at me) noticed?
-Yeeah, I did.
When you already mentioned her. And was it really important to me?
-It’s not a note.
-It’s a note.
-But a positive one.
-It’s a note.
I got back.
-You just need to be more outgoing a lil’ bit more.
That “lil’ bit” I’m keeping it for the males.

I went out. Mary hugged me.
-You aren’t in the mood today.
-I’m sleepy.And that’s why. And I haven’t eaten. I’m hungry. You’re you are in the mood.Why?
Lift_Me_Up_-_Moby_(Single)-I’m not telling you. I listened a song this morning.
-Which one?
-I’m not telling you.
-Is it mine?
-No.I listened to that one too.
Mary thought I’m happy because M.N. was there.

On the big break I with Ashley bought a pastry from Roma.

Miranda did not ask me about the coffee. I decided not to talk as I know from experience sometimes it’s better to be silent. Silence is the loudest!

On Maths we were given 3 minutes to re-take a picture of us as some claimed the first picture was bad. This time the professor Adele moved from standing above me to standing next to me. God knows how much I love her, so He made me closer to her.

Vince entered with the news the students to offer a suggestion for the student of the generation.
-Nick! – Irene shouted the loudest.
Surprisingly the other two voices I heard were Kathy’s and Ethan’s. Well, thank them. Mary said:
-Sarah or Nick. – twice.
If she doesn’t value herself, she can’t expect others to appreciate her. In my opinion:
-in the first year Mary was the best student from our class and I considered Sarah to be behind me.
-the second year I experienced fall due to the TV series, so I put Mary ad Sarah in front of me.
-the next year meant a relief to me, so I thought I and Mary to be on the same level.
-the ultimate year was full of new subject and it signified new besties: Tiffany and Sarah. I fit in right after them.
Of course I can’t say this definition is completely objective because I am involved in it. I don’t know, but I don’t think they will elect me as a student of the generation. I mean wasn’t even in the offer for the president of the class.
-OK. – Vince wrote me on a piece of paper.
And as a choice for the best student in socio-humanistic А (or the class second choice) was Sarah.

On a break I was standing in the classroom, Irene was at the door. Derek V. entered and said something to Irene and when he was passing besides me, he put his arm on my shoulder. You have it, own it?

On English, E. sitting next to Darryl asked me:
-Nick what did you get?
-What did you get? – I appreciated that he showed interest so I asked too.
Unfortunately he didn’t hear me, as he turned back. (Own?)
Obviously I’m on higher position now to some students from my class.

Before Sport in the locker room Derek V. asked me:
-Nick aren’t you practicing?
-It’s enough. You practiced the whole year.
-Four years. – I said.
So we are back to closeness again.

On the actual lesson Ashley after gaining permission from the professor practiced dancing with me for the prom. On my quest Irene told me that she heard Darryl saying “Nick” for the offer for the best student.

I don’t quite remember how, I suppose they asked me if I had been on the second floor in the gymnasium, I related:
-I want to go on the second floor of this building. To remind myself on the first year. It was my most favourite.
-Do you want to go now? – Tiffany said.
Now? Seriously?
-Not now. We’re on a lesson. Later.
-I’ll ask the professor. I’m not shy.
-What will you say? …

-Professor may we go on the second floor to take a walk?
-Where will you go? (Looking at me)In classrooms?
Fact: Not knowing me.
-No. – I said.
Tiffany said sth, and he let us go.

I was climbing on those stairs after almost 3 years. Some girls in the down hall laughed at me. Nvm I was happy. This time there weren’t guys from civil engineering leaned on the fence.
-Have you ever been here since first year?
-Yes. Last time when I read the announcement.
The little classroom where we waited on the pre-lesson (I missed that name)was opened. We entered. I have wonderful memories from there.
-It’s raining a lot. – Tiffany said as the rain grabbed out our attention.
God gave me that rain. I know it was sudden, it wasn’t even planned on the Pretel news. I love the rain. The most beautiful weather occurrence according to me.It’s something different from that what we are used to. It holds us together (ah that word) inside, makes us closer. And it’s kind of calm outside, a beautiful sight.
stock-photo-3716943-factory-chimneyShe closed the window. The little classroom wasn’t the same. There were new and more desks merged together (again), the wall projects were new, but the view outside was still THE SAME with the great chimney stalk.
When we got out I said:
-I must drink from this tap. The same old white sink in the corner that I have outgrown it now.
Tiffany went further. I went after her. The houses from the window were still distant) and the door…
When I saw the metal door from our classroom nailed with nails I remembered the students from the civil engineering coming out while we were entering inside. My pleasure was deprived as the door was locked. I even tried after Tiffany. I remember the sharp lock.
-It was the nicest to you in second year.
-Yes but now I recalled. It was nice in the first year too.
-But it’s not the same classroom without the same students.
No place looks the same without the same people in it.
We were returning back.
-The walls are kind of different. They are lighter. Lighter green.
-Maybe they have painted them.
I’ll never forget those.
The cleaning lady was in the hall. Tiffany stopped.
-You want me to tell the cleaning lady to give us a key from the classroom?
-But you’re shy. – I figured her out.
-But she won’t understand us. – She said and we continued going.
Who knows, maybe it’s a message that I’ll return back someday.
-Thank you Tiffany. – I thanked her.

From the present aspect I had the best time in my high school life in the first year. The combination between being a child and becoming an adult was extensive. Smallest, past paced, respecting the rules, realizing the real values of life, becoming more independent, growing up… that was us. Three general elements were included: proving with knowledge, friendship and… love.
Now there’s only friendship with the possibility the third one to be in progress and it’s STILL interesting! Can’t imagine what the next year brings me.

On the rain I went with aunt Marlyn to fill a request for my ID.

In the bus I chose to sit one seat behind Al. Ted later joined by Brian filled the gap. Next to sat Al from Ratabitz.
There was a situation where Bry (as they used to call Brian) turned around and we saw each other eyes in eyes. He immediately pulled it back. My advice: Be afraid from God only.


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