Monday 07.05.2012

After entering in the bus, I (not literary) bumped with Dave, who had entered through the back door.
-Nucky sit somewhere. Don’t be nervous.
-I’m not nervous. – Quietly I said.
I kept walking towards the front cause I knew somebody reserved him a place.
-I’m on the second place. On the third. – said Dave.
He sat and Barbara tried I to sit too:
-…He stands every morning. – to perhaps Marcus.
Seeing others sitting, makes me happy. Then out of nowhere Miranda stood up and to me:
-Nick come sit here, I’ll sit there, keep place to Andrea.
-To Andrea?
-To Andrea keep place.
It happened.
No class lesson, but taking class photo with the professor Adele.
On the big break I bought myself pastry and little ketchup.
Before Logic Sarah and Mary went to arrange with representatives from other classes at Chombe’s about the pre-prom party, so Diana took Sarah’s place to answer, then after she moved to (absent) Tiffany’s, Irene sat next to me to show her, but she didn’t have book so she asked Barbara who also didn’t bring it, but said “Take it from Nick.” She came to me and asked it. I said:
-From Nick all the time. Why like that everything from me first? Away from that kind of people.
She turned around to see if Barbara was looking. Then I told her I’d give her my book when Diana answers. Do you share my opinion?
After school on the waiting area Rob T. came and said to me:
-Nicky alone again?
I didn’t hear him at first.
-Alone again. – I responded.
Unfortunately like compelling forces immediately Monkey and a friend of him came from my side shook hands with him and sat on his right. He asked Monkey if he had a computer to which the answer was “Now they should buy me” and they chatted about the cable internet.
On my left side, sat Elaine G. told him about the decision what to buy to their class teacher – clock perhaps. Rob asked me:
-What will you buy to your class teacher?
-A picture.
At the same time:
Rob: Where from?
Elaine: How much money will you collect?
I determined to give leverage to Rob.
-From Greg. 200 from each one.
After that his friend Al came and sat between me and Rob. Then… Brian was coming towards Rob. He was looking at me, I looked at him. He decided to sit next to me. I was excited, I wondered if it was for the like? I couldn’t remember what he spoke with Rob. His leg was touching mine (with NO UPS).
… -Those sportswear are female, motherfucker. – He said to Rob.
-Indeed female. – Al confirmed.
Brian stood up. Was I so bad?
-He’s gay since long time ago.
When he said “gay” he looked at me.
-I’m going there. – He told himself to Rob and left.
In my opinion if he likes them he should wear them, but I appreciate Brian’s sincere opinion and his courage for saying it.
Then Marky filled Brian’s place.
In front of the bus Elaine raced me before entering through the back door. Girls have leverage? Who says? I can criticize her starting from Eve’s original sin and God’s punishment for it (just remember the labour pains), to Elaine’s religiously non-adequate life, but I don’t want to make myself more sinful.
Inside the bus, I took a place, and Dave who was in front of me was looking back (like hesitating for sth – I guess to sit next to me).
-May I? – The smiling “May I” girl asked me.
I looked at Dave’s side and:
-Yes. – It was the first time I said it to her without responding to her smile.
The afternoon… Alex Montgomery, a Facebook friend of mine, was tagged in a class photo. There was Albert, Ted brother, too. I left it open to look at it later and just when I did it later, I looked through the window and… Ted was passing with his brother. God provided me the pleasure. Thank Him. Albert saw me looking shortly twice and he told his brother,600px-Circle-A_red.svg so Ted turned around, I hid behind the curtain. It’s … just I can’t sustain from smile because I’m happy I love them so much.
At twilight I remembered my childhood kindergarten memories via the yard of grandma Gail. You know I’m sure I haven’t thought of the A sign for at least four years. It’s not that popular anymore. 😦


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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  1. makagutu says:

    Just to say I passed by.
    Interesting diary entry

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