Sunday 06.05.2012

I went to Globica along with mum, grandma Debra, with my cousin Sarah and Marlyn where Liza and Darren joined us.

I feared to see Chrisy – Maybe he wasn’t so religious, but perhaps he is traditional. Luckily I didn’t see him. I didn’t see any professor and from the class – only Denise who told us “Hello” was there. I must admit I felt uncomfortable walking with women – maybe it’s true what Brian said – “It’s genetic”. It would have been different if my father had been there.

Home in the twilight on Facebook, I opened Maxi Barcelonista’s profile where I was informed of his surname – Zellers. From the last time I checked I knew he had interactions with Brian the Bomb – my perhaps best childhood friend one period and I assumed they were related perhaps first cousins, but then I saw he was listed as his brother, not only that, his mother was Roxanne – Brian’s mother. God, they WERE brothers. That’s why I memorized that look so clearly – I knew it from before. It was the same. But I didn’t ever know Brian the Bomb had a brother 3 years younger than him even though his family moved to Preevytip when Brian was 7. How come have I missed that fact? Nobody from my family told me – neither will I tell this. At the end of the day I consider this as a good thing – that I have male friends. God thank You.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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