Saturday 05.05.2012

Shopping for the prom night with mum in Kochani.

Mary was in the bus which we travelled with to Krupishte. We waited there like for an hour (mum refused a car with 3 men), and the taxi driver that rode us to Kochani who brought food to his wife left me an impression as a good Christian man.
Ever since we entered in the first clothes shop I knew would buy clothes from them considering the personality of the shop assistant – she smiled and she used to speed up the words in the middle of the sentence. After trying few samples, she and mum chose a gentle shirt with jacket and black pants. Normally, we didn’t stay on the first choice. Among the shop assistants, one who was reminding me on Bruce’s Lilly noticing my non-interest said:
-Guy why did you came here if you don’t know what you want? You aren’t interested in this thing.
-Exactly. – I said.
-If you haven’t imagined what you want, I can’t tell you. I haven’t dreamt what you wanna buy. You should know and look for it.
I love people who are like this. She was right. I don’t want to be the only one who criticizes. I love openness and directness and it’s better that way unlike some doubly-faced faces.
In another boutique the meek male shop assistant said to my mum that he was the same case when he was my age – “Maybe even slimmer” – I bet he was, until he went in the military: “There isn’t begging, if you don’t want – you won’t eat”. (And I was hesitating if he was gay on the first sight.) He recommended us to go in a boutique in the mall opposite “Sara fashion”. There – two girls who were very dedicated and persistent in their job, full of compliments: honey, sweetheart… I dared to say “I’m not” to the blonde one’s “comment”: “How handsome you are”, to which she said: “Aren’t you handsome enough?”
In the end we picked our first combined outfit. Price: 4400 + shoe-trainers – 1500. We missed the bus for five minutes, so we went to Krupishte by taxi.

Home – guest: aunt Tricia.
On Facebook Brian finally decided to officialize his relationship with Tailor Preston – Poocky. “Like” was smiling to me, I was glad for him. Should I?
Facebook_like_thumbMaybe he wasn’t my friend live, but he was my friend on Facebook. Now… if I click it, what would I say if he asks me why I did it. I had enough time till Monday to think an answer, but it was better to go spontaneous – God will help me. I held my arrow on “Like” and I clicked it. Another reason for my happiness. (1: He is in a happy and promising mood according to the seemingly flawless face-blooming girl, 2: I pressed “Like” – became closer to him).
You support me, don’t you?


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