Friday 04.05.2012

God listens to every prayer of ours.

I stood in the bus this morning.
We finally said farewell from the mattresses on Sport.
On the big break Barbara again didn’t invite me to go to buy food together (t-r). George from 43 entered in our classroom and asked Sarah she to give him the Philosophy book.
-I don’t have. Let Nick give you.
-Let him ask, I’ll give him. – I said.
She smiled. George continued back and took a book from somebody else. I won’t allow myself to be marginalized. Especially not by the new people. Some don’t even give me a chance to act towards me normally as with the others. Bad for them, tomorrow they may encounter much harsher then me, and then…
Barbara said to me:
-Nikey give a pen. Throw it.
Obviously she feels me close, but I feel the order as rudeness.
-Hey the way you looked at me. – said Irene about me. –What?
-Later. – I whispered.
I threw a pen towards her that hit “her” monitor.
-It’s not your fault – Barbara said.
Irene sat next to me, wanting an explication for my reaction. She thought I did it because of her. After she heard me, she made a comment:
-Like she can’t ask on a nice way. Do Barbara and Elaine still come at your place?
-They do. Elaine was on Monday, Barbara the other day.
-So why don’t you say to them?
-…From them I can’t even remember that I have a History project. Not just from them, First of May too.
Her friends called her but she later returned to me. I showed her the wound on my arm I made with knife because Barbara came at my place.
-Crazy one. – she expressed her opinion and I don’t mind.
Then we chatted about Andy’s statuses and some Nathaniel Shoney’s comments on Facebook. She confided to me she liked his brother from first year. Their class had Computer studies the following lesson, so he passed.
-There he is. – she said, I stood up to see him, as there were 2 students. She was embarrassed – smiled and blushed.
Sarah, who clearly had nothing to do that moment, questioned:
-What is going on to you?
What kind of answer can you give to this kind of question?
-Our thing. – I said.
After she reconsidered a bit, she said:
Accepted. Irene explained her the situation.
-Why did you stand up like that?
-Like you are a beginner in love. – I said. …
Barbara left without giving me back the pen. I took it myself. Action speaks more than words. When I returned:
-Irene, you are nice and opened towards me, I’m opened towards you too, and unlike some duplicitous. And when they ask from me something, I give them because I have to, and not because I want to.
On Economy Sarah and the professor had become so close, that she showed Sarah a picture of her and her parents on her phone to analyze the resemblance. I even found out the vipprofessor’s number when she told it to Mary, (I’ll just reveal you it’s on Vip) so I have enough material for a second quiz, but I won’t abuse it, I’ll remain faithful to my sincere apology, just as she continued to talk about herself uncensored.
In the bus I sat behind Rob D., who sat behind Ducky, but moved to the right side. Derr and Brian filled the place. And… action.
-Nicky. – Said Derr to Brian.
-Fat one, they’ve signed you here. Bart. Said Brian to A.B. who sat from behind. … and surprisingly:
-Nick what’s written here? – Holding the white inscription in front of him.
I arose, I couldn’t read from that distance. I was prepared even for the most vulgar word. So what? It’s just a game of letters.
-That one behind you is called Bart.
I turned around looking at Dave, who sat on the left.
-…Behind you. Not him. The blond one.
And A.B.’s blue eyes looked straight at me. I turned back, and smiled happily. Hadn’t he wondered whether or not I knew his name. God, I should have dared to say: “I have him on Facebook”, but he was Albert, not BART. It passed. Then Derr and Brian listened to music on headphones. I wanted another situation like that. I asked it from God, led by the Bible saying “Do not fear. I will help you”. I said “Our Father” 3 times.
In the end, when Dave tried to take his bag out of upper part, the bus shook. His bag went towards me, but he managed to hold it.
-The bag was going to fall over Nucky. It was going to kill him. – He said to Bart:
-And if mine had fallen… it would have poisoned him. – A.B. caught up.
I looked at them wanting to say “It wouldn’t”, but they weren’t looking at me.
Home, I additionally explored Chrisy’s Facebook profile and the others wanting him affected to my opinion – I didn’t think he’s so popular. Lee Daro along other my friends wished him happy birthday. And apparently he was close to Ted and his brother Albert, which I found out today that that relationship existed. So, even if Chrisy finds out the truth about me – closer to females or “gay” in some minds, he doesn’t have to regret, he has a lot of other friends. (Tag: caring about others)


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  1. makagutu says:

    Hey, just dropped by

  2. Real real me says:

    So many people (that I’ve tried to decrease the number lately)… But you find entertainment from the books you read. Thanks for commenting.

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