01.05.2012 – 03.05.2012

Tuesday 01.05.2012
A day off.
Mum and I saw Melanie Collins on the road.
M. managed to find a printer in Zlox from the betting shop for my forgotten History project for the next day.

Wednesday 02.05.2012
Are the fake smiles responded with fake ones? At least I bring in positive energy.
“Mines’” friend Steven Jackman, was also about to go to Preevytip with the bus.
-Who will keep place for him? – Brian asked his friends.
That meant a chance less for me to sit.
Before I got in, Dave pulled me back.
On French Sarah said:
-Behave well, Nick.
She was convincing me to go to Zlox with taxi after school, I refused her:
-I am gonna wait.
-You are gonna wait?
She wanted me to show her English, saying we’d sit in her yard on sunshine, plus that she’d Napsütésgive me a photo of hers for the tableaux thinking she has satisfied all the conditions, but you know my choice… the bus. I valued the spiritual pleasures more than being home earlier. And God gave me what I wanted: Rob Тop talked to me on the waiting area:
-Why alone?
Well, I’m usually alone.
-Come here.
I did.
-Where is Peter (Ethan)? Or you don’t know?
Haha? You found Nick to ask. I didn’t know.
-Are you waiting here from earlier?
-They’re gone, everyone have left. Hot. They ran away. … Did you buy to yourself for the prom?
-No. You?
-I bought.
-Shirt, jacket and trousers.
I missed his smile. I remember he recommended me to watch Bill Cosby back at primary school. He cared about others… Soon, he left.
Dave and I were looking at each other later.
I sat alone in the bus.
Home, Barbara was looking for a photo of hers browsing my old folders from CDs, I was busy doing something else while she was viewing the photos and I later saw she had opened the downloads folder where a photo of a nude man from the TV series Spartacus was. I asked her if she had watched those photos, she said:
-I opened them, but not all of them.

post-23346-1279045879 - Copy (2)
That means she probably saw it but she intentionally said “not all”, for me to think she didn’t see the photo I was ashamed of. It wasn’t very weird considering my contacts with girls, but… So… she knows I love boys? She saw the real me? I laughed less in front of her, she didn’t judge me, love came from God.

Thursday 03.05.2012
I sat next to Elaine G. in the bus, Barbara didn’t call me next to her.
Elaine asked me to show her Management.
The English written work was easy.


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