20.04.2012 – 23.04.2012

Friday 20.04.2012
In the bus Ducky said:
-Hey, Nicky.
I was standing.
On Sport, while watching the guys playing poorly (i.e. jumping only), I thought “If that’s the best version of them, I can do much better.” But I didn’t show the real me. Ethan’s hand somehow touched my body.
I didn’t go to buy food as I was studying Economy, but I wasn’t asked.
Irene and I exchanged photos and I told her she was the one who paid attention to me the most.
While I was waiting on the little wall, John, who was with the tall skinny guy, asked me what time the 7th lesson ended at.
graphics-At 1:40.
He repeated me to the tall skinny guy. I feel like a star because every word of mine is important.
My friend wanted me to ask the girl from my right for the time, “mine is not correct”.
-Ask her. Her name is Amber.
But that wasn’t neither the fake, neither the real me. I didn’t ask her. Somehow I was informed we had 13 minutes left for waiting.
In the bus I sat behind Ducky alone. If anything my family will always love me. And of course, God.

Saturday 21.04.2012
I saw the Devil.

Sunday 22.04.2012
PC and studying.

Monday 23.04.2012
Surprisingly when you are a Christian, just a thought is enough. In the bus after I looked back, what E. said:
-Nick sit here.
I did.
This time I was asked Economy, but I didn’t know everything. Low-spirited, I didn’t eat.
While I was looking from the door, Irene called me to go outside, I accepted. She told me I reminded her on the main character from the book “Little Hans” by Freud because I asked a lot of questions. She told me the professor had come in, but she hadn’t.
While waiting, John came next to me and asked me where Kimberly was, mistakenly referring to Barbara, if I was OK and how many lessons I had. Monkey came (meanwhile Darryl asked: “Where did Ethan go?”), I felt distant while he was talking to John, like I was the one who was Romа. What is different with me?
In the bus Stanley asked for Kirby’s permission to sit next to him. “Slam that bag” – Kirby said to Stanley. Barbara G. greeted me (“Nikey”) and Denise sat next to me. I regret I didn’t dare to say anything to Stanley sitting in front of me.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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