14.04.2012 – 19.04.2012

Saturday 14.04.2012
M. refused to come because of my words yesterday. However mum managed to dissuade him.
In the night, in the church’s yard where my parents surrounded me, I saw there was M. and surprisingly Darryl and Mary. I’m glad they finally decided to get the atheism out of them and dedicate to God. Darryl was accompanied by his father and brother and Mary – by her sisters. I wondered: how can they go to church and conscientiously sin before and after?

Sunday 15.04.2012
Easter. Only 4 kids came at our house for eggs.
Even though it was a big holiday I went on the river with grandad and dad for grandad to do. I mean don’t they respect the holiday?
Aunt Tricia and Christine were the adult guests.
I saw the Devil twice, and I think he saw me as well, but I didn’t hide, so he stopped looking at me. Then… the usual PC and TV.

Monday 16.04.2012
Sarah came and I opened to her about my diary. She was specially interested about…

The material for my next 10 days is derived from notes:

Tuesday 17.04.2012
Standing up in the bus.
I didn’t buy myself food.
On Sport, mentored by the professor Peter, while I was standing leaned on the desk, Darryl explained that everything could be seen if we turned the eyes only, 229-08not the head, towards what we wanted to see. He demonstrated the technique looking at me. On the same lesson Mary recommended me to tweeze my eyebrows, Irene agreed with her: “Just to tweeze your eyebrows, otherwise you’re good-looking.” I was reserved, I tweezed myself between my eyebrows, why didn’t they notice?
Loneliness is hard for me, not for the others.
Darryl simulated sex.
In the bus John said to me “Nicky, descend the seat to yourself”. Brian was looking at me.

Wednesday 18.04.2012
I stood up in the bus.
I bought myself burek.

Thursday 19.04.2012
Standing up again.
On the big break John asked me:
-Nicky where are you going? To buy yourself food?
Darryl was next to me in the bus. Normally, he asked what we had for studying for the next day.


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