Friday 13.04.2012

Great Friday.
I was on the market with mum and grandma Rose. There I saw Chris. On the way out I saw another familiar face (which I recognized by his colour) – the tall skinny guy. He was with a friend or relative and I acted like I didn’t see him. I realized he did it too by his silence after a question of his companion. While I was waiting with dad for mum in front of the shop, passed Renee who was looking at me but stopped as soon as I looked at her (and once she asked me: “Why didn’t you say ‘Hello’ when you saw me?”, but I didn’t care…). Undeniable is the need of Zlox to Ratabitzers.
Then we went at grandma Debra’s where I looked through the window and I saw Brian and Derek on their bikes.
I took a walk with dad and grandad “the upper way” and took photo of the place where Brian was sitting close the river on his Facebook’s profile picture.
Then Michael came.
Moon riverIn the afternoon I, mum and grandma Rose went to the church. I was finally there. When we entered I kind of put vivacity to my face, but I stopped because there was no reason of putting another me in God’s home. Yes, I was serious and sad as I had listened to “Moon river” and cried (reviving a memory of shirtless A.B. playing football like in the fourth grade) before I get there. While standing a cute female kid from 2 or 3 years looked at me, I looked at her too. Neither of us was moving the sight away. She blinked, we kept looking each other, but I smiled and looked on the left. That’s how I am. I seek for new people who have never hurt me. Especially if they are Christian… After she pulled through three times, her mother held her and she looked at me again. This time my eyes filled with tears. I already loved her. I couldn’t look her like before and I would look at her then I would look aside blinking to clear up the tears. So lovely…
Grandma lost her umbrella she left out in front of the church. I assumed somebody had stolen it. Then I and mum went to grandma Debra’s, mum to make a cake. When M. came I said to him:
-Again together (the T-word).
After what he wanted to leave.
-Why didn’t I say it to grandad?
It’s normal to love some people more than others. It’s about experience. Just an example: he lied to me that he bought the mouse. It’s not a wonder I wanted to spend less time with him.
Apparently, grandma Rose’s umbrella was replaced by a person with a same one just with a different colour. Then she took home the remained one.


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