Tuesday 10.04.2012

[Derived from notes:]
I dreamed a huge toilet around which there were so many boys that I couldn’t see the walls.
While waiting, a kid passing with his mother called Ted “Tid”.
In the bus I stood next to Brian and occasionally touched him.
Barbara offered to hold my bag (with the Sport equipment) as she was sitting.
-Give, why to carry it?
In the end I formally said:
-Thank you.
-You’re welcome.
I bought myself a croissant and John saw me on the square:
-Nicky. You are buying yourself food.
But a female person later called:
-Wait for me, wait Nick.
In the bus Stanley targeted to sit next to me as he didn’t spot another available seat:
-Does someone sit?
-No. – I replied.
But Ducky sitting alone “warned” his friend:
-You just sit.
Then Stanley went next to Ducky. Marsha was the one who sat next to me, she offered me sunflowers seeds, but I refused.
Home, from the window I recognized Derek Derr eating sandwich accompanied by Brian and Dave. They saw me as well. Brian said:
-His mother’s pussy.
I was so happy that I decided to capture the moment by taking a photo with my phone from behind the curtain. Dave mentioned “Photoshop”. What, they knew?Adobe-Photoshop-Logo
-Have you ever stared?  – It was Dave.
-Don’t pay attention to him – Brian advised.
Thank you for treating me as a human. If you hate the fake me, you are closer to the real me. A thing in common. I love you.
In the dark I appeared on the window again after somebody whistled.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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