Monday 09.03.2012

An eventful day.
Before I climbed in the bus unintentionally I saw Brian’s butt. (It was fat as it could be noticed through his sportswear.)
Someone perhaps Rob Top said Brian:
-Let the boy sit.
-Derek will come – he said. – Come on Derek.
I didn’t pray for anything.
-You barely got through – Brian said to Derek who sat next to him. God knows what I want. They talked. If I had sat there Brian wouldn’t have talked to me. After no one sat next to Zander, he said:
-Let one of you two sit here.
Referring to me or Elaine G..
-Go sit. – said the Christian in me.
She sat.
In school, my evident paper had been lost. Outrageous!
On the big break Elaine came next to me and said:
-Nick what are you doing? Why are you shivering?
-There is nothing to do. It’s cold.
-Did you buy food today?
-Why are you interested about me?
-So how come… you haven’t eaten. Buy yourself tomorrow morning before you enter.
My Macedonian written work was 5.
On the start of Logic, I was left sitting alone in the first row and the professor asked me:
-Andrea is gone again?
-She’s gone.
She said something, after what I dared to say:
-She’s gone on Logic all the time.
I just wanted to be closer to her, showing my ability of making conversation.
Later on the same lesson when Tiffany and Sarah were present the professor said:
-Andrea either didn’t do the test or she didn’t hand it. It’s impossible all the others’ to be there, only hers to be gone. Аnd you Tiffany support her.
-I don’t support her, I’m just saying that Nick never lies. He doesn’t know to lie.
-Ah, he doesn’t. He does, but he won’t. Who doesn’t know to lie?
True, from my individual aspect.
After school, I went to wait and among the people who were passing, a man (in his late thirties or forties) stood up close to me and said:
-Is it cold?
Wow, how great is the feeling somebody to choose you, even though you don’t know him.
-It’s cold.
-What are you waiting?
In my mind appeared a thought of asking him “Who are you?”
-Where to?
-To Zlox.
He was kind of smiling.
He was so good and friendly. At the moment I feel that no one has left me a better first impression. I regretted for not asking his name. Before I wrote this I even thought “God if it’s necessary take from me, give to him”. But he seemed happy. cross-coloring-page-3437-hd-wallpapersHe probably has what he wants. That’s how the Christians are. Happy with what God gave them and others they care about. Some people may say: They don’t have a spouse, kids, job, luck, home, money, beauty… but those know that God gave them what they really wanted and will keep giving. Obviously the other people don’t know what these people appreciate. Anyway, I want to spend more time with this good man. I want to see him again. Thanks, God!
While I kept smiling for what someone contacted with me, I noticed John looking at me, and coming towards me with the tall skinny Gypsy friend.
-Nicky, hello.
We shook hands.
-Are you OK?
Monkey came and I heard they left on coffee. After just a bit, there they are – coming again – without Monkey.
-Are you OK? – John.
Shaking hands again.
They were occupied for a while aside and:
-Do you know this one?
-This one?
-Do you know him?
-He’s your neighbour. You know where he lives? Above you. You don’t know your neighbours.
Correct, I think it’s enough if I only know my first neighbours.
John: Will you turn on the heater on?
I was quiet.
-Do you know what a “heater” is?
Heater, lollipop, warehouse, while ink pen. Of course I knew when I have Darryl in my class. But… If I had said yes he would have asked: “What is it?” If I had said no – it would have been a lie. I said:
-Not outside. Inside.
-Аh do you see him? Inside.
The tall someone standing on the lil wall asked me:
-How’s in Zlox?
-It’s good.
-How old are you?
I wanted to say fourteen. That’s the first thing that came to my mind.
-Do you have a brother or sister?
-What does your father work?
-He doesn’t work. – and I’m not ashamed to tell it – He is retired.
-How much is his retirement?
-8.000. – I guessed roughly.
To tell you the truth I don’t really care about money. Last time they told me it was that much, now it’s probably higher.
-Does your mother work?
– She does. – John said.
-At Dr. Michael’s.
-Is she a doctor?
-No. She’s a nurse.
They smiled, I smiled too. I guess it’s sex in question. But you tell me the connection. They were smiling because someone will have use or she will use?
-Do you have a girlfriend?
-I can’t find.
-Do you know what you can’t find? – John.
-A girlfriend.
Get ready for this?
-Ah wait, do you jerk off?
The inevitable male question. One year ago, if I was asked this, I would have probably looked at the other side and ignored it. Now, as I don’t do it, as I appreciate it came from somebody who goes to school asked after 3 full years, as I’m more mature, as I’m more experienced, as I’m only afraid from God, I looked down, put a little smile that wasn’t telling much and John said:
-Do you jerk off to your neighbor? Wait who are your neighbours? This one, William’s wife. That has a betting shop.
-Tara. Do you jerk off to her?
-I can’t tell you here.
The other two guys moved to the right.
I needed to answer John.
-Do you jerk off to Tara?
-Just a little.
-Why not?
-It’s not nice. – referring to a God’s law, but he went to the other guys.
-Did he jerk off? – my neighbour said.
-No. … Not three times a day, he can’t do it once.
It passed? How did you react?
Then monkey came (touched my shoulder) and asked me:
-How is it?
-It’s good.
-It must be good.
(Derived from notes:)
The guys stood on the little wall, I kept standing the ground. Monkey grabbed me when he was threaten to fell pushed by another guy. Adele passed, I was happy that I was with boys.
In the bus Brian sitting opposite me, touched Chris and told him where to sit. Nick numéro deux? Except that Chris didn’t obey him.
I never know what God prepares for me tomorrow…


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