Wednesday 04.04.2013

I love Jusus so much!
In the bus E. said to me “Wait I to pass, Nick”. Marcus said to me:
-Come sit, Nick, this one will stand.
-No. – I said.
A.B., the one sitting next to him, said something. Why? I guessed he preferred I to sit when the place reserved for Derek is already taken. A.B. was sitting there and I wanted to stay that way. Nothing is as important to me as God.
In school I got A Macedonian orally.
The highlight was: I went to buy food (burek) from “Mladost” alone. Sarah noticed, Irene noticed, even M.N.. I CAN do it alone! And if I don’t do it, it means it’s not the real me.
Some students from my class went to lecture about a media faculty on Logic. I’d say some of them were wrong, but being or not being to a listening doesn’t stop me from having a reporter ability!
On Management Adelle mentioned “sex” as a primary human need, after which E. reacted – “Eeh” and I smiled. My smile wasn’t because that particular word has been said on a lesson, but because it came out from that particular person’s mouth.
Liza said I to go at mum’s workplace, instead of waiting, I didn’t. Then I filled my soul with sinful thoughts about E. and Derek hanging out with Darryl. “Run faster. Your glue is cheap. It’s not long-lasting.” … and realized Darryl “glued” to other males in Italy as those two weren’t there. However he wants to dominate, not coincidently he supports Hitler.
In the bus I sat alone. Then I saw Dave coming I guessed he would sit next to me, but “Monkey” did. I wanted he to say something to me.
-Where are you? – he said.
-I’m here. – was my response.
-How are you?
-I’m fine.
Should I have continued? Elaine saved me with the question.
-Did you see me on the picture?

I feel so blessed by God that Monkey spoke to me.
Then… someone from the back seat was teasing me meaning touched me on my hair and arm and it hurt me a little when he squeezed my ear. This time I did pay attention and guessed it was Dave. I turned around briefly, – I couldn’t recognize who it was. Read for action:
-Leave him. – Monkey said.
-Who is it? – I asked.
-The Jomba. – I realized it was John.
He left me. In your opinion is it making fool of me? Should I care?
tortelliniHome mum brought Tortellini from Delia after grandma Gina told her I wanted. Too generous. God will return to her the proper way. Thanks!
In the evening “they” passed and whistled. I went on the window. But mum came right after me. I caught her and I pulled her leg. Using violence is forbidden by God, but it might have been the last time they whistled, otherwise. Sorry.
Previously today I checked the upcoming birthdays of my Facebook friends. Surprisingly Brian has it on 12th June and A.B., Ducky and Rob all celebrate in December – the month I was born – not a coincidence. I didn’t find Dave so I assumed he hid it. After the event when I wanted to open his profile, it said “ADD AS FRIEND”. He deleted me. I tried again. And then: “The content you’ve been looking for is not accessible” (sth like that). He blocked me.
I guessed it was because he thinks I’m gay, which I’m not. I wanted as a gift from God and I got it (maybe not completely). I didn’t get nervous, but I did cry. I knew him since kinder garden with his sister Tricia. Gosh I don’t even know how she looks now. Never mind I will keep praying for him. I still have 4 of them on Facebook. But… apparently he deleted Sarah (cousin) too, and Brian removed him as “cousin”. Something was going on with his profile. What? Maybe he did a clean-up. But E.’s old profile was still friend with him.
At 10 p.m. somebody whistled and I saw two of them from the window. “Doesn’t he sleep?” – I heard. And I was grateful to God for it.
We should not regret it we victimize sth, Jesus victimized his life on Earth because of us. That’s love.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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