Thursday 05.04.2012

Just before I wake up, I dreamt that I and Sarah were guests at Adele’s. Because it was only us 3 in the room I started to act freely. Adele said to me: “When I talk to you, just like I talk in front of an audience” making reference to the quiz. Her mother-in-law wasn’t home. Later when Rob came from work I realized he was as good as thought. I mixed my home with theirs. I entered in room full of guests and told their cassette player was on, “May I turn it off?”
-Yes. – Adele said.
The bus stopped below where I was closer. A.B. said to me:
– Don’t be pushy.
-Nick don’t be pushy. – said Dave.
So, something did happen with his Facebook profile. He doesn’t hate me. I wasn’t pushy, I just wanted to enter when my turn was this morning. Obviously they wanted I to give them advantage. I did give them.
Inside the bus somebody, perhaps one of these two said:
– Where will this one sit?
-Who? – somebody asked.
I think there was no answer at all. I saw there was no completely free seat available, but God gave me great chance: E. removed his bag saying:
-Sit next to me.
No “Nick”. I did sit. God will appreciate his goodness.
In school, in the hall while I was going, Andrea and Melanie were in front of me, Adele was standing. They said “Good morning” to her. You know what I expected, but Adele didn’t move her head this time, kept looking at me as I said “Good morning”. Sincerely I can’t say if she responded me, I was looking at her eyes. However in my opinion, maybe she did return it saying my name. The dream means a lot! God “warns” me!
On Business Tiffany and Sarah gossiped about whether or not the mask pharaohs that Brenda was in should have earned a place in the masquerade. Sarah told Tiffany that Lillian told some female person who finished a third degree faculty in Stip, in FB inbox “Don’t make me frustrations. The kids are under my leadership, if you have something to say, tell me”, after what the other person said “Don’t flatter yourself” and Lee Daro responded: “Sweetheart”. Tiffany said “Daro is crazy”. I asked Tiffany about the identity of that female person, she said she couldn’t tell me because “you will tell home”.
On Maths the professor Wilma said there was no problem about my grade and also she discussed about I going to faculty with me. She said I to be more communicative.
On Sport Darryl and Irene arranged to watch each other later via webcam. Darryl said to her:
C2E461FD71E392B150BC6E49C75D26_h231_w308_m5_clWoVttkS-You will get naked.
-You will get naked too.
Then Darryl said:
-We will include Nick as well.
Irene asked me:
-Will you get naked as well?
-No – I said. – Come to tell you why.
I chose her, not Darryl to say why. Was it because I was closer to her or I was closer to girls in general?
-Because I have read it’s called “cyber sex”. I don’t want to have sex.
-It’s not real sex.
It’s a sin. How many girls has Darryl done it with? How will he get his soul cleaned?
-Ah if we do it, will you watch us? – Irene said.
I said “I don’t know” led by a moral from the Bible that even watching sins is a sin.
-If you do it, why not. – I replied.
One year ago my answer would have been “Yes” without doubts.
Later Irene revealed me they didn’t mean it for real. <Would I get undressed in front of him?>
While waiting John and Chris filled the place on the little wall between me and Al (R.) sitting next to Darryl and stick… Ethan and Derek. It was Chris who sat next to me and I heard him calling John – “John” three times. Now I’m definitely sure of his name, so it shouldn’t be a problem me naming him some next time. Some things just happen. I love God.
John asked me:
-Nicky where are you?
-I’m here.
Standard question, standard answer.
Minutes later, before the bus arrived, most of the “waiters” were standing including John who asked me a generous question:
-You want me to save place for you?
If you want – I said.
-Come on.
But he earlier promised to keep to Chris. I heard it. Was this a prank? Anyway, I didn’t rely on him. I entered and sat on an empty seat on the right, just behind Ducky and Stanley. Stanley stood up and turned around to open the window which “by the way” was next to me. He opened it just a little. Surprisingly Ducky said to me: “Nicky open the window”. I looked at the little-opened window. Was he kidding me?
-Open it. – Stanley said.
-Open it, you have strength.
Wow! He knows me. I like it. Not only I am interested in his life. Mutual relationship is the best. I opened it.
After a while Ducky looked aside, but moved his eyes back to see me. He turned back (to his old position) immediately, as soon as he realized I can quickly move my glance towards him.
How great is the feeling when your eyes are somebody’s eyes’ destination. Have you felt it?
He was afraid to look at me again.


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