30.03.2012 – 03.04.2012

Friday 30.03.2012

After school, as arranged, I visited my cousins Billy and Dominic’s luxurious house. They were happy to have me. In their room where Billy and I were given sandwiches, I acceptedfrankfurters_300 to eat the french fries fried with the same oil as the sausages although I was vegetarian, just because I loved the kids. They gave me a birthday decoration, a sign which will remind me of them. I refused to go to toilet. I ate tortellini for the first time in my life and I loved them. During my tour of the house on the third floor, while I was exploring the training machine, their father showed up across the door. I acted shyly in front of him, but he wasn’t very natural in my presence as well. Sarah arrived and we, without the father, went to the ceremony regarding the anniversary of our school. In front of the cinema, there was M.N. and the first thing I thought when I saw her: “Fuck you”. During the show Dominic felt asleep, then went backstage. Then we went at the confectionery. Overall, I had a great time. I have never been welcomed so generously anywhere.

Monday 02.04.2012

The day our class was taken photos for the tableau. We were given a flexible schedule, so Mary, Sarah, Darryl and I went to Preevytip in the afternoon. There mum brought me to a hairdresser where Sarah and Mary were. Later mum was the only mother at Kocho’s studio. As a professional, Kocho chose the best picture of me. Mum left to work, and Kocho, who learnt my name, paid attention to me calling me “bro”, but I wasn’t opened. Then I was supposed to go back with Sarah and Mary, but we needed to wait for some car (suggested by Sarah), so we spent time on the square. Sarah took a photo of Mary and I, Mary told her not to post it on Facebook. Even while waiting in front of the Stokovna, they were close to each other, while I was excluded from the conversation. In the evening Darryl sent me the official photo of me taken with his mobile phone.

Tuesday 03.04.2012

I dreamt Jesus.
A.B. said “Wait Nick”.
Ashley asked me to tell her Philosophy.
For the first time, I started a fourth page during the Macedonian written work as I was most prepared so far.
I bought myself pastry.
On Business, the others were showing Adele how their tableau pictures looked like.
-Nick, you? – She asked me.
-Professor… I don’t bring it. – I replied.
On Sport I told Diana that she should know how to control the ball, she used the word “control” referring the same to another student.
While I was waiting on the little wall, Diana, Barbara and Sarah joined me not by my wish. We saluted our former English professor Marsha, Barbara commented she lost weight. Adele passed and I felt uncomfortable to be seen with girls.
In the bus Ducky called me “boy”.
Home, dad stopped Barbara from visiting me by saying I had been resting because I complained about her coming. I felt sorry for her, but later my childhood friend Barbara successfully came at my place and I was glad for it.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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