27.03.2012, 28.03.2012

Tuesday 27.03.2012
-Nicky come here, boy. – It was Ducky’s sad voice.
I didn’t shelter, yet I wanted to.
In the bus Monique managed to find a place for me.
E. was absent.
While answering Philosophy and sitting next to me, the person Darryl hugged this time was me.
Luckily, I wasn’t asked Macedonian.
On Business, once again Adele asked me to take my book as the others brought the script only, I assume.
-Nick may I, the book?
In the bus, somebody I put to be Marcus Marky (from second year) called:
-Nick save place!
On the removable seat. I did it.
-Thank you, Nick.
And then something like “You’re welcome, Marky” followed by my side. No points for my effort from him.

Wednesday 28.03.2012
-Ah Nick.
It was Zander pitying me in the bus as I didn’t have where to sit. I stood again.
510A8NYM9ELBefore we got off, I gave advantage to Brian, putting me behind him. While going, the song “Bad boys” was on and I touched his cotton hood with my nose.
On History I wanted the professor to ask me, but he didn’t.
On Macedonian I made a silly mistake while I was answering: During my book recounting of the book, I said “the village priest” forgetting the action took place in a town. After the professor corrected me I laughed at myself expressing my maturity.
On a break, while peeking from the door, a guy from the next door’s classroom called me:
I turned towards him.
-How are you? Are you fine?
-I’m fine. – I answered.
At the end of our last lesson Management, Ashley from IV-3 entered to return the book she borrowed from me. It was my pleasure that Adele saw it.
-Didn’t you finish? – Ashley asked her.

Home, from the window I saw Ethan, Dave and Brian passing. I hid.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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