25.03.2012, 26.03.2012

Unfortunately, the lines meant for my next 10 days remain blank. The information about them is constructed from my notes except for 29.03.. Meanwhile, Facebook helped me realize that Brian’s friend I used to think was named Marcus, was in fact Derek (Derr). Marcus is his brother.

Sunday 25.03.2012
mhix610On the road to our vineyard I saw Ted and Marcus on Pigs.
Aunt Tricia visited us.
Brian had a new Facebook picture with him on a motorbike, the question was if it was his. After I saw one through the window with a guy who might have been him in the dark, I was grateful to God.

Monday 26.03.2012
Walking towards the waiting area, Greg surprisingly called me Nicky and asked me:
-How are you?
– Fine.
In the bus Brian from behind me told me how much I to go ahead so he could sit:
-More. Go more. I’ll tell you. … Stop here.
Barbara cared to find a place for me:
-What? It’s not only once. Neil is it free?
-The “Speaker” should sit.
I refused to sit there, although she said “Go”.
At school, on her lesson, Adele asked me:
-Nick what’s the title?
As Sarah or Tiffany’s books weren’t opened. Happy that she chose me, I read it from my book loudly. She repeated me.
Mary took the role of confirming it.
I was asked Logic.
While I was peeking from the door, Brian was looking at me from the hall.
After school, on the waiting area somebody whistled, but I didn’t turn around as there were many people, this was Preevytip. Anyway, the man called me. It was M. who wanted me to leave with him (“A man will stop”). No, I preferred to hope for event with the “mines”, so his persuasion failed.
-Nicky, they are calling you.
It was Yohn.
-You don’t know Michael?
Of course I do, he’s my uncle.
-I know him.
-You’re very stupid. – John went on.
I loved his sincerity.  I accepted his offer to sit next to him, then we chatted:
-Why didn’t you go, your mum told you like that (looking at me)?
-No, I wanted like that.
-What year were you born? … Say something.
Meanwhile, Barbara passed.
Then the “mines” came to wait, but didn’t sit next to me. And I hoped… However, this was a perk a too. Rob asked John how he was.
The bus was coming and:
-You want me to save place for you? – John asked me.
I reached that level.
-If you want to.
I should have said “yes” or “no”.
However there was a completely free seat for me and someone asked to sit next to me. I was asked:
-Where are you?
-I’m here. – I smiled.
The Ratabitz kid labeled as “queer” by Neil wanted to “rescue” his female friends:
-Driver, wait, there’s a whole class left!
Many passengers laughed. He mentioned God, a straight guy would have cursed.
Brian, holding a bag, said to Albert B. who was in front of me:
-Give it to Nicky.
What? Why? A.B. looked back, but he put it up. I realized it was Ted’s bag and they hid it. It seemed that I was implemented on all areas. But why didn’t A.B. dare? Why not ME?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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