Friday 23.03.2012

A busy day.
I got surprised in the bus:
While Stanley and Ducky sitting together (the T word) were telling to where to sit (next to Neil), E. sitting in front of Neil, turned around and said while standing:
-Nick come sit here I will sit behind.
He stood up and went there: on the very last seats. I sat where he did, which was next to Marcus, and watched him going. Ducky and Stanley looked at me. Ducky said “Nicky is a good _____ guy”. I heard “juicy” but it couldn’t have been that. “Good”, perhaps? No.
Why he did this? Was this really Ethan? Was he so good?
In school we had a lecture about safety in traffic focusing driving mopeds.
On History, Dalton said to Ashley about us: “They are villagers, but they are polite”. I didn’t act offended.
Now it gets interesting:
While I was waiting, Rob Top asked me:
-Nick did you see _________ …?
-Did you see the Hundred (meaning A.B.) those…?
-I didn’t.
I mean you found who to ask. I did see some guys but I was afraid to look ‘em. The lost Nick.
-They are gone?
-They are.
Even more:
-Why don’t you sit? Sit.
I sat but not next to him. Mum?
And then… Friends of his and friends of their friends started threading the little wall. I was hoping the line will reach me. Among them – E. – at least he can be utilized for something. Surprisingly there was the mute Marcus. Someone did sit next to me – guess who. He arrived with his friends. The space where he was supposed to sit was narrow, so the good Nick moved a little to the left saying quietly “Sit”. It was Darryl’s friend from Ratabitz – Albert. Bigger surprise follows…
Ducky came from my left and didn’t sit next to me as I hoped, but a place next to me. I’m sorry. Why couldn’t you he dare? I think it’s not shame or not wanting me. I believe it is fear.
-Next to Nicky. – said to a friend that followed him. That friend from Ratabitz, filled the space between us asking me:
-May I sit?
-Yes.  – I responded looking at his eyes.
He sat.
-May I sit? – he asked Ducky.
-First you sit, ten you ask. – Ducky said.
It was nice. We (I and Marcus) were unrecognizable. But mum could arrive any moment.
I kinda heard Ducky calling his friend Kirby. Someone is called like that?
They discussed Kitty’s long hair and when Cynthia (niece of Madeline) passed with her mother, Ducky commented:
-The daughter is bigger than the mother.
She’s big, it’s her period.
That would have been my comment if I and Ducky were friends. If only…
Albert said to Kirby that Seth is the most “screwed up” professor. Was he censoring in front of me? You know I hate it. There I heard the most extreme thing someone sitting that close to next to me has ever said it:
-Suck my dick.
Said Albert to Kirby… I don’t know what about.
I really expected something from Ducky but there wasn’t anything. Mood?
Kirby said to me:
-Nicky (another one who calls me like that) is she good?
About a girl escorted with a man, she wore 2 coloured horizontal stripes skirt. I turned to see the girl.
I could have said she is big, but the question might not have referred about me.
-Who for? – I asked him.
-“Who for?” – He repeated, Ducky laughed.
-For Macedonia. – said Kirby.
He left me speechless.
Nothing else between us.
I was afraid mum would come, but I had God to protect me. I’d say to her “They sat next to me”.
When the bus arrived I found out mum had come but she had a female companion with her – Sandra – our godmother’s sister’s daughter who recently found a job in a pharmacy close to my house.
She didn’t ask me anything about the boys.
In the bus I sat with Sarah on the movable seat. She asked where I put my legs and that “Your heart will burst”. No, it won’t, unless God wishes it.
Just after I ate and climbed upstairs: Ding. It was Susie (mum’s colleague), then Sarah called me for a Sport project. OMG! One can’t rest even on Friday.
She wanted me to get a book about the sport in Preevytip from an ex Sport professor William. After mum couldn’t find it, I went at Sarah’s where Tiffany and Andrea were. Again, Nick stood aside from the team work. Tiffany had provided a book from which one of them dictated, other wrote on the computer. Zane called Sarah and Tiffany wanted him to come. I assume it was because she wanted to find out more about him. She wanted to explore me too, so she asked me what I would have done if I had stayed home and what did I do on the Internet. I avoided the answer responding:
-Tiffany you are very interested about me. We should talk more extensively.
And in my thoughts I imagined telling her about my diary, but a thing she did changed my mind:
Sarah: And Josh today, did you see him (laughing)?
Tiffany: Shut up. Shut up.
She censored Sarah because of the fear (there we are) of me making something similar to Adele’s quiz. She didn’t want me to know and I was planning to reveal some of my deepest secrets exclusively to her. She won’t get it because of it, plus the fact that she belongs to the opposite gender. Call me how you want, your sin.
1000619_OA515X_A_400While Sarah and Andrea were working on the project, Tiffany and my attention got attracted by an unseen toy for both of us called Etch a sketch.
A little surprise for me was when Sarah said she would credit me first because I was male. What? How come? I thought she liked gender equality, obviously she likes the tradition more. I said I didn’t want because I contributed the least and that Tiffany should be first, followed by Andrea’s “Someone must be first”. Sarah put me and Tiffany said laughingly:
-Sarah you contribute the most.
Then Tiffany said she knew I started to eat meat because my father scolded what I didn’t eat anything, Sarah said we were 12 years together (again haunting me) and I didn’t tell her.
She wants to know the reason? She judges, Tiffany doesn’t.
And it is not because of fear, but because it would have been uselessly wasted time.
At 6 o’clock I watched the masquerade with mum. It was good, I enjoyed specially on the song while the Star Wars mask performed.
Afterwards we went at grandma Gina’s to see Billy and Dominic. From there we went at grandma Debra’s and home we had a guest – the godmother.
And then Friday was a rest day. Tell me about it.


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