Thursday 22.03.2012

A historical day. Ethan and I finally became Facebook friends. Another guy from “that gang” became my virtual friend too.
In the bus Stanley was supposed to surpass me to get to his destination to sit. He tried but… nothing. We couldn’t. Ducky smiled. I went to the front to avoid pushing and I kind of smiled to him just to realize he was doing it to Stanley.
I helped Sarah Logic solve the syllogism giving her the solved task.
On Management I opened my book when Andrea answered to her question. Adele mentioned the phrase “Nick’s book” twice (“You are reading from Nick’s book” and “Nick’s book helped you a lot”). Couldn’t she simply have said only “Nick”? Logically if there was not me, there wouldn’t have been my book. Not fair treatment caused by not to hurt me?
Then I chatted with Andrea on the lesson for a while commenting her answer although it WAS forbidden.
And on Sport… the guyz (excluding Andy, with Francis) were playing volleyball. I was playing basketball alone, but I got bored as I had no partner so I leaned next to the wall.
Then Darryl along with another guy called me to join them.
-Come Nick.
What I didn’t realize was the other MALE person that called me was no one else but Ethan. Weird, huh? Nо, Ethan speaks when it comes to “collective” relationships. During the game I received the usual treatment from Darryl (ex. “Let Nick serve”). And about Ethan: Frequent “Bravo Nick”. I guess my moves this time were better than the previous ones. The professor released us earlier, Derek told me not to stand alone, to go with them in the female locker room where they mirrored. It WAS my FIRST time there. I didn’t know they have a sink on the right. Outside I continued with them as I heard they were going where the girls were supposed to be – on the old school’s playground. Darryl turned around to see me but said nothing. They weren’t there so we returned and I separated from them. Let’s see for how long your “glue” will last Derek. It is a question of time whether you will go out with it or keep on the ground.
In the bus on the way out I gave advantage to Stanley saying “Come on” quietly.
Home my surprise was waiting for me on Facebook. I had an offer for new friendship. I felt facebook-friend-requestit was someone special. It was E. – the most precious guy to me in the first semester. I immediately accepted it and of course I was happy for the so much anticipated event. I told my cousin Sarah. Just a few hours later I became a FB friend with Dave Johnson on his request. One more on the list. 5 in, 5 to go.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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