Wednesday 21.03.2012

-Nick are you OK? – asked Marcus on Pigs while we waited for the bus to take the turning.
He didn’t hear me.
-Are you OK?
-I am OK.
I nodded looking at him. He nodded too. Did Rob Top tell him about my yesterday’s “Hello”?
In the bus Ducky said “Sit boy”, but I asked nobody. So I stood up.
I bought food alone.
704063_100230413490012_681904293_oThe major issue on the day in school was whether PhotoMak or PhotoKocho to take pictures of us? Our class was unanimously for PhotoMak but Kocho won (71:52) although the others being convinced from one class. Personally I wanted Mak because its test photos were more retouched. I mean people see us natural every day in the flash, why can’t we be perfect on one special occasion?
It was the first day of the spring, the sun was smiling and most of my classmates (if I can call ‘em like that) went out on the stairs, so I peeked from the classroom’s door and then… Adele entered right after Diana went in carrying the watered sponge.
-Where are the others? – Adele asked.
-I don’t know. – I answered after what she looked me shortly. She went out, I went after her. Why was she seeking for them?
-Are you there? – she said.
Tiffany suggested to release us from Management, but she couldn’t. I smiled before she left and she saw it. Then I sat on the stairs and it was taken 3 photos of us.
In the bus while mum was busy paying the bus driver, Rob Top who was sitting in front of me said:
– Unbutton this, Nicky. – meaning to stretch the curtain, but he did it himself right after he said it.
Home, the photos were published on Facebook by Mary and Darryl.
In the evening “the voices” called after me again.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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