Thursday 15.03.2012

I blinked when I noticed Stanley sitting to avoid looking straight at him. I sat on the movable seat  along with Johnny.
Elaine’s CD wasn’t working so she gave me an email address to send her project to.CD_R_Shiny_Silver_Printable_43582
Sarah gave me a photocopied material about the English training and I told her I won’t go anymore. It was my final decision. I told Tiffany mum told me I had known more than Tara (I don’t agree), and dad’s worlds:
-If you go one more time, don’t return home.
Sarah wanted I to go for the last time, but I refused. I knew she would want that, she probably didn’t have enough money.
Right before Sport in the hall Sarah asked me:
-Did Ethan give you the book?
-What book? No.
E. came from the gym:
-Here Nick.
It was the book I lent to Ashley (IV3). Not coincidently Sarah chose E. to return it to me.
I “played” basketball alone and E. passed me the ball once.
In the bus Marcus (the kid that doesn’t listen) sat next to me, and so hoped…
Home mum told me grandma had told her about that Elaine said that I don’t have friends because they don’t let them. Elaine you are too subjective (not to say selfish). If I wanted you as a friend the first letter of your name wouldn’t have signified Ethan in this day. But everyone has right of his/her opinion.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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