Friday 16 03 2012

An interesting beginning. I am in game again!
In the bus Brian touched me and said:
-Sit there next to Ducky. Ducky let him sit.
Wow! I was surprised by his action. Did God acted through him? But Ducky didn’t move. I turned to my previous position. Somebody repeated him to let me. He refused. Was he returning me for the Monday?
Never mind, I will keep praying for him. I forgive him, I hope God can forgive him too. And just before the bus stopped on the next bus stop:
-Nicky! – he said.
I turned towards him.
-Sit down. – he moved.
I sat. Thank him.
-Why are you torturing the kid? – said Marcus next to Brian.
-To build muscles.
muscles_965835So why didn’t you say so? What’s your way of work out? However I’m sure the reason wasn’t for it.
On Sport I played table tennis and after the lesson Irene called me to buy food with her. On the returning we saw Adele. She saw me with a female companion again.
Not to forget earlier she told me they didn’t have Macedonian training yesterday, but Sarah and Barbara missed the bus “so they stayed…”
Happy news: No Economy and no French for the day. Only four lessons.
On the big break Barbara invited me to come on Sunday morning at hers, after her sister’s engagement.
I went home by taxi with Mary (Do you want to go?), Darryl (smiled at me while Mary was with her boyfriend) and George (who called the taxi driver “Boss”).
At 1:10 I went walking with grandad on the new road. It was nice and calm.
Then I found list of sin on the Internet that included: Debate, discouragement and homosexuality.
I wished Brian and A.B. to be saved by God, if I was supposed to be rescued. “It would mean more to me”. They had amazing souls and I was not courageous (to dare and ask them something and to speak about about God in front of other people).
I cried and I saw them though the window. I think they saw me too.
I love them.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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