17.03.2012, 18.03.2012

Saturday 17.03.2012
I took a walk with Sarah (cousin), Marlyn, and mum after they were guests at our house with M..
Sarah’s grandma died.
Kimberly was in “second state” according to Georgia (little sister).silhouette2
A death and a new life.
My uncle broke up with Alexandra. (She found a boyfriend from Bitola.)

Sunday 18.03.2012
I studied, I went to grandma’s.
The afternoon Barbara came to invite me and mum at six o’clock.
I finally managed to catch up to my diary. I promise I will write daily (weekend excluded).
I saw the Devil passing, from the window.
After six o’clock mum and I went at Barbara’s because of Kimberly’s engagement. The food was very rich. I among 6 women. I asked Barbara if she would come to school tomorrow and she asked me if they have written her in the diary. I was mostly shy. Mum put me food in my plate. Barbara’s mother was quite as well and Barbara was the housewife in-chief. I was surprised by a neighbour of Barbara’s who said to me: “Hello doll” about who I used to think she is angry and upraised. You will be surprised by the people! Both ways.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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