Monday 12 03 2012

The students from Ratabitz were in the bus. “The kitty” who was sitting next to Zander stretched his hand to touch me and said:
-Sit next to Christine.
She maybe kept a place for somebody, I didn’t go. Zander also recommended me to “sit there”.
Next, she moved to sit next to George, so I sat on the freed seat. Al came to sit next to me.
In school after Philosophy Sarah told me the professor Stacey told her she to give me the Philosophy answers to the questions for matura, which only few students from my class knew (Sarah, Tiffany and Melanie) about. Thanks to the professor who knows to recognize real talents. It meant so much to me knowing that it comes from a person whom had high opinions from people and God.
On English Molly handled only three samples of a photocopiable material that contained verb patterns. I don’t know if I got it because I looked at it, the feeling is great to be chosen from over twenty students. (In fact she said “I’ll leave here one” -> in front of me.) Thanks! The other students should copy it from us.
And in the bus I sat behind Brian and Marcus(?). Marcus said Brian:
-Look who we do have in background.
-The rapper.
-The rapper.
kanye-west-rappingI’m not sure who said “the rapper” first, but rapper? Why? I remembered I said “Yes” on Greg’s question “Do you listen to rap?” last summer, or they might have heard some rap music coming from my house. Why? I wanted them to use their background. Then when the students who had seven lesson started to come, somebody put his hand on the bracket on my seat. It was Ducky, but Francis in front of him took advantage of it. He nervously said:
-… … fool. – and continued walking.
I couldn’t hear what it was, but I thought “fool” refers to me. Soon, I realized he had said “I’m a fool”. He sat next to another somebody. And it was supposed to be perfect. They even played song that I recognized (I can’t remember) and I saw Zandra, a last year’s senior student on the street. But… Marcus took salty sticks from Francis. The hope wasn’t dead yet, but later it was. I saw Brian pointing his middle finger for the first time in the flash. What’s the thing with it? In my opinion some people really deserve it instead of spending words on them.
I managed to see who did Ducky sat next to – Al.
Around four o’clock Barbara came at my place to make her Geography project task, despite me having for studying Philosophy and Business. She shared some details about Kimberly’s engagement and suggested me to take (meaning to steal) a mouse from school just as Michael suggested one Saturday. It’s not fair. It’s not the purpose. What kind of people have I close to me?
Later I finished MY project task, wrote English training homework and studied Philosophy. I went to bed at 1:42 a.m..


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