Wednesday – 07.03.2012

I stood in the bus.
zendolinoI went to buy food with Sarah and Mary in “Zendolino” market. I took the same Bruschette as them, on what Sarah said I was copying her. She was coping Mary. She later commented:
-I stopped fasting, Nick stopped as well.
-Competition. – Mary said.
So what? In the first year I had bad relations with them, Mary told me: “If you don’t know what to do, do what the others do”. At least I admit I copy. You won’t find so sincere person like me anywhere. And about the fast… it is proven that people reach better results with competition, but the most important thing was I became closer to God. No one was prepared to answer Management, so we rested and the professor wanted to buy a male perfume for her husband. She said she looks first to buy for others, later to her. I understand her. We want more to give than to receive when it comes to people we really love. We love to do those simple (even if they’re not simple we feel like that) things knowing that he/she would feel happier. We have contributed for their luck. It makes us happy too. Filled.
After school, the students found there space for waiting and I was walking slowly thinking where to stand. I saw John alone, so I went to him. “Hello” – I quietly said, not being sure how to call him. “Nicky” – it came from him. I felt him close, just like a friend, not just someone from Zlox. We didn’t say anything, but it was an advance for me. I’m grateful to God for our friendship. John is not a bad person at all.
In the bus which arrived earlier I found a seat to sit alone. Neil came next to me. I spread my legs and I felt better. I didn’t know how to enjoy in pleasures that weren’t sinful!


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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