Friday 09.03.2012

Brian had a new haircut. Totally short. The sexiest so far (Don’t understand me wrong, it’s not lust). He looked like an Afro American.

lens15154541_1289177992sexy-black-men-haircut - Copy
It is now next Friday, so I may not be exact with the happenings but as I have written a note, somebody said “Wait Nicky” in the bus to pass. Marcus on Pigs said:
-Nick sit next to Johnny.
But he said:
-Aa, and Elaine where will she sit?
A.B. also wanted I to sit there:
-Why don’t you let Johnny… oo Nick to sit there?
The Elaine thing. Anyway, thanks!
Before entering out Stanley and probably Ducky stood up in front of me to quit faster. Brian said: “Come on Nick don’t wait for them”. He said something to me. And it wasn’t with “Nicky”.
In school luckily I wasn’t interrogated Philosophy, even though the professor told me to apply as a volunteer the previous lesson.
Sarah called me to go to buy food with her, but I ended up with Melanie and the professor Bernard saw us together (again, again). Bad. Bad.
I went to get my hair cut with mum and since I wrote about Brian’s haircut you get this too: When the woman who cut my hair, Bertha touched me with her stomach, the thought by itself what she had under it, moved my blood. I didn’t want, but it was my subconscience, so I quietly sustained from it. The bus had already arrived and while mum was paying the driver, I didn’t see there was a completely free seat.
-Nick – somebody called me.
I turned around, there was nothing that could have been a continuation to that.
-Nick there is a place.
It was A.B..
I walked and I saw the completely free seat. Rob D. laughed.
-Why are you laughing? – A.B. asked him, but got no answer.
So what if he was laughing at me? There IS still something that can make him laugh. I was told many times “Don’t laugh!” and I won’t say it to anyone (with exceptions). Mum came telling me there were free places in the front and:
-Ethan called me. He says: Aunt Leslie come sit next to me.
I was surprised. It is the first time Ethan called her “aunt” in my memory. Wow! Seems like this is the first semester in reverse. Meaning: I wanted to get close to him, now he wants to be close to me?


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