Tuesday – 28 02 2012

In the bus Marcus on Pigs said to me:
-Nick sit next to Zack.
Stanley said:
-Nicky sit here. – in front of him.
Was it really available?
Marcus repeated:
-Sit next to Zack.
I sat.
On the coming out Stanley (that golden kid) gave me advantage:
-Come on Nicky.
Thank him. I pray every evening for him. Ducky spotted the situation and said:
-Nicky √35?
My guess was 5.9 as √36 is 6. However I wasn’t sure, so I just went out. Even if I had known, I wouldn’t have answered him, we were very far. In school I immediately checked on the computer. It was 5.91… I wasn’t wrong.
First lesson – Philosophy. Tiffany was answering and Andrea said:
– Tell me. (in case she was asked)
-Good. – I said.
Later, she said:
-Open the book to me that way.
-No – I said. Sarah’s computer that was covering the book was right in front the professor, and there was a certain angle between my computer and the professor Stacey. I was afraid of her. Andrea didn’t remember why:
-OK, then I won’t show you.
Nothing. Ethan opened the diary on number one. While number 2, Virginia, was answering, Andrea was negotiating with Derek V., after what she said to me:
-Later you will move, I to show to Derek to get D, you will sit next to Ethan.
While I would have been very excited for sitting next to E. if this had happened in the first semester, I just said:
-I don’t want.
Couldn’t simply Derek arrange with me? Ooh or he will find the distance as an excuse? Andrea said:
-Why don’t you want? The kids said to me you don’t show them.
The kids? Hhh. Well for a fact most of them were over 18.
-I don’t move from here.
-OK. It will come your turn to show you. We all move. I move all the time.
-You sit there.
-Sarah, Nick doesn’t want to move, I to show Derek.
Sarah. Like the powerful queen. She obviously felt Sarah superior to me, which makes me inferior (and either I don’t allow it either I don’t care). It seemed like she was a mother to me. Tame the nasty kid!
-Why don’t you want to move? – She asked me.
“The right solution was questioning me”. Blah, Blah.
-You move – I said Sarah.
She didn’t sit on the end, same as me. Sarah thought for a while and she took the responsibility:
-I’ll move.
-How will I show Derek? – A. appeared.
-Tiffany will. –S.
I didn’t show the students because every time I tried, the professor would warn me. Just for the record, Ashley P. once hit me on the arm, just to make me. Violence is not the right way for getting what you want, kid. Or you don’t have any experience? Or, maybe you inherited it from your father? A? “Let him start making cakes. It will be the only good thing he had done it in his life” – Just quoting. And big deal if Andrea doesn’t whisper me any more. I will study it better, no cheating, it will only make me closer to God. Everything has a plus side, people!
Anyway, there wasn’t any time left for Derek and Barbara was asked.
-Stand up, Barbara to answer.
Eventually I I softened. I moved. The professor said to Andrea:
-Why did you expel Nick?
I wasn’t able to hear the answer.
My Macedonian written work was A- and the first time best in class, Sarah and I read them in front of the psychologist and pedagogue.
Just before Sport a funny situation: You know it is uncomfortable to me to change in front of the other guys, and I usually was facing the wall when I did it. Recently I changed that. This time I was very quick after what Derek said something to me:
-Nick …
What? – I looked at him. He didn’t look at me.
-Did you put on your sweatpants inversely or not?
I looked down. The green tick was gone.
-Yes. – I smiled. – Thank you Derek – I said.
I changed. Look at him where he looked at. It would have been a very big shame if I went out like that. Thanks.
Carbon-Badminton-Racket-with-Nano-TechnologyOn the actual lesson Barbara offered me to play badminton and as I pitched to return her the ball, I broke the racket. How come it happened to me? Sarah came, she said it was already broken and told the professor. Hah. He fixed it and gave it to me.
Cas. said she would return the money tomorrow. E. asked me if we had English homework. We didn’t, but it obviously became the only subject we talked about.
I went to see what’s going on in the hall and there was Darryl who said to me:
-She is my girlfriend.
She was at the next classroom’s door. She was very beautiful. They matched. How did he find her?
-Meet her. – he said.
I put my hand out. She didn’t. It was the second time someone refused to shake hand with me. The first one was my cousin Dominic.
-Come on. Will the kid stand like that?
She only looked at me and asked him:
-Is he from Zlox?
-Yes, he is from Zlox. My citizen.
Darryl had the girl and me hugged. It was suspicious to me. Darryl being in a relationship and Facebook doesn’t know about it? Maybe it was a prank.
-Is she your girlfriend for serious? – I asked him.
-For serious. – he said.
It didn’t occur to me that I should get away.
A bit later I asked Melanie:
-What’s her name?
-Do you want to meet her?
I wanted, but she didn’t.
It is not a wonder that some of Brian’s Facebook statuses were dedicated to love, when he had such a beautiful sample in his class.
Then it became clear to me why Mary said the following to Darryl once:
-If you seek a girl just for fucking… you’re making the opposite of it.
Obviously Edith was shy.
And now the bad news: Sarah told me about that additional lecture for the senior students for the subjects Macedonian and English started from 1st of April. She was signed in and I accepted to go to sign in after school with Tiffany.
Before the last lesson I told Tiffany I had project activity Biology after lessons, she said she’d sign me herself.
At 13:31 Derek asked me:
-Nick what’s the time?
My conclusion is: I had high position to Derek now when he sees me sitting with guys in the bus & standing with a guy while waiting. Just as my father said once: When you are on a high place, they want you… Polat is a proof for it. I understand Derek. He wasn’t aware of my potential earlier.
In the bus mum sat next to me. I felt sorry for the guys from that gang when I saw them, some of them stood up. It was a bus for students.
Home, Lee Daro finally accepted me on FB.
My godfather advised me I should curse sometimes.


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