Monday 27.02.2012

A clean Monday. I started the fast.
In the morning when I was walking towards the designated area, a dog went towards my legs. They laughed. In the bus, the person from the gang I at least expected to say something to me, Ted, suggested me:
-Nicky sit there. – indicating to the place next to A.B.. But he had his bag put there.
-Is it free? – I quietly asked Ted.
-What? – he said after he heard I talked to him.
-Is it free?
-Is it free!? – he asked A.B..
-It’s free. – A.B. responded.
He took his bag and … and asked me:
-Why don’t you sit? – asked me.
I couldn’t say “Your bag was there” and he wasn’t looking at me, so I quietly responded:
God bless him.
In school E. asked me:
-Do you have English homework?
-I have.
-Give, if you want to.
If I want to – we are formal again. Or it’s like I’m on higher position to him now. I gave him which later ended in Francis.
After school John invited me again:
-Nicky, come, don’t be shy.
He was standing next to Denise’s brother. He said something to him, I figured out it was for me:
-He is like you. He looks on the window and when someone passes he hides. Right Nicky?
-That’s right.
-How many lessons did you have?
Elaine came and brought up the story about the 100 denars Cas. borrowed from me. Apparently mum said Cas. “Did he give the money to you, to know him not to have spent it”. It can’t be dumber. Cas. doesn’t know me at all. A friend of John called “The kitty” came and asked him why he didn’t speak. John responded:
-There isn’t who with. Right Nicky?
-What? –I said quietly. No answer.
Thank him. Other would usually have said it behind my back. I love openness. In the bus Ducky screamed:
-Nicky, Nicky! – as I passed him.
Somebody, perhaps A.B. or Ted, said to me:
-Nicky sit next to Stanley. – but I couldn’t because of his bag. No, I think I couldn’t find where he was. But someone was faster.
-Nick, Nick. Come here.
It was Barbara G.. I went there, smiling.
-What? – she asked.
-I’m cheerful, because you called me.
She didn’t understand, I repeated it.
-Well why you to stand?
Someone else used “Well”, but me.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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