25.02.2012, 26.02.2012

Saturday – 25.02.2012

Good news! I heard on TV something like that the libel is legalized in Macedonia. So, I can liberally publish my journal in a book form. That’s right, freedom!
Sarah came in Zlox. At grandma’s, mum was telling something about that <my sexual abuser’s son> called her about the overlays he puts on his penis. The punishment is long lasting, people. Be afraid from God and never forget that your most beloved may suffer for your sins. Multiple times.
Then the most sexual person in the room M. said
-Well and Nick like that.
Sarah blinked rapidly.
M. went on:
-I asked him, he says he didn’t do that kind of stuff.
I didn’t react. It was worthless. I may have lied to him, so to say.
-Shut up. I don’t wanna hear you talking like that anymore – grandma defended me.
That is why I avoid Michael. You never know who will he “bark” to. Even if the majority in the room are females. That’s partly why I’m wishing some other males to be close with.


Sunday 26 02 2012

The Forgiveness day.
The previous evening, before I got asleep, I realized that my way of forgiveness is ignorance. I say “They aren’t worth”, “I don’t care”, but in fact it was forgiving them, because every time they asked me something, I responded them. I forgive. They have second chance at me, just like I have second chance at God. I do forgive, I know the feeling of repenting. Crying, wanting to change it and God as a consolation.
And God forgives, we are all humans, children of God. However some things seem unpardonable to me. What is your way of forgiveness?
I saw the Devil and Jizzy. Looks like Sunday was a day reserved to him.
Around four o’clock I visited Davis’s profile on Facebook. Guess what, it wasn’t the one I thought he was. Except from the picture from the gang, a photo in which Davis M. was tagged had Ducky in it. OMG! So, I had him on Facebook. And I immediately smiled. There are some people you smile when you see, them, even on a picture. Those PEOPLE SIMPLY SHINE! Now what was his real name?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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