Wednesday 22.02.2012

A girl called me to sit next to her in the bus – Sarah Michaelson from III year.
After Philosophy, on the third break E. came to me, asked me:
-Nick which lessons are for learning?
And sat next to me.
-Aren’t you asked?
-I’m not.
-I was browsing through the pages.
-Wait just to find it.
-Wait to take a pen.
And I told him.
During his staying on the seat next to me, Barbara asked me “What lesson do we have next?” I said “I don’t know”. I didn’t care. And guess what – No “Thank you” this time.
While waiting for the bus, mum arrived and she was with Liza. I couldn’t resist my smile. I loved that girl more than my mother once! The waiting teenagers saw us as we went towards a butcher’s. Mum entered, we waited outside, then I saw 2 students opposite us sitting on the stairs of the playground. Maybe they weren’t from the gang, but they must have been from Zlox. Who else would have been waiting? One of them terrible looked like Ted. Was it him? Who he was with? A car passed and they turned around to see it. They probably saw me looking at them! But I didn’t escape with my sight, I kept looking them for a while and then I put my head down. OMG! “What would they think of me now?” I was with a woman laughing. On the plus side maybe the laugh means shame and I didn’t look her at face so… But how didn’t I see them before?
In the bus I sat next to Mary. Denise once more admitted she was “fucked in the ass” as a response to Andy’s question. On the going out Marcus on Pigs said to me “Go forward Nick”. So it wasn’t over.
Home, mum asked me why I don’t stand with the others. I said “I don’t care. I don’t beg”. She said “They beg you”. They didn’t, but I don’t care.
Shortly after M. came, he saw I broke down the mouse’s scroll bar. He got nervous and said it was the most important. Absolutely wrong. The most important feature of a computer’s mouse is the click. The left one. He said he won’t buy me a mouse anymore. “I didn’t ask you to” – I said. Like he had bought it. He lied conscientiously and I consider this as his punishment from God.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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