Thursday 23.02.2012

Stanley said “Place for the boy”. I stood in the bus.
On Business I answered voluntarily, but it wasn’t a shiny answer. I forgot some of the Human resource management’s functions. I noticed that the professor looked at me when I wasn’t looking at her, she was looking at me and just when I looked towards her, she took her sight off from me. I will know for the next time! I wasn’t satisfied and I asked Andrea after the lesson:
-How did I answer Business?
-These… for Human resource management’s functions you mixed them and you told a lot of things out of the book. Never mind.
-It was important to me I to answer.
Thank you for the sincere answer. I would have done it like that too. The feeling is so great when you are treated like the rest of the folks.
I later asked Tiffany:
-Did you see what she put me Business?
-I didn’t. She must have put you A. You knew everything.
It’s important that my turn was over.
On the big break E. said to me:
-Nick c’mon if you want close the door.
“If you want” – We are formal again.
I closed it without looking at him.
After school, I waited alone and Sarah came to stand next to me. We barely talked. I was reserved. I didn’t want the guys to see me with a girl. Barbara G. came with Melanie. Good riddance for me. The girls could talk, I could get away. Barbara asked me sth and I said “Don’t talk to me”.
-Are you shy from me?
-OK, no problem. (She distanced.)
I stood aside. I felt better.
I think I sat on the last seat and when somebody (I assume it was Rob D.) pushed the seat to me. John (the one from my generation) said “Leave him”. He left me. I wanted John to leave his freedom. I want when they try to contact me. I walked with grandad in the afternoon. On our returning, somebody asked me:
-Nick where did you walk?
It was Greg. My friend from the summer. He was wearing a black jacket. And he wasn’t looking at me!
-Answer to him – grandad said.
-Upwards – I responded.
16153_187517889078_8210018_nHe wasn’t the only familiar person I saw then. Grandma bought me “Choco Biscuit” and I walked home alone. On the road I met Ethan, Marcus on Pigs and a friend of them. I was shy to look at them and have I become so gay as the others to laugh at me like I laugh when I see Zane, because makes himself something he is not? When? I broke the “Choco Biscuit”.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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