Tuesday 21 02 2012

The day my 15th High school Macedonian written work was done. I had a sheet of paper home, that mum bought me earlier, but I forgot it and it would have been a shame for me to run home from the waiting area.
In the bus, there was an available place next to Barbara, but I didn’t choose her. Stanley was the one who got interested about finding me a place. He said:
-Sit next to Ducky.
I got closer to Ducky. He had his school bag put next to him, so I thought it was busy. He took it and said:
-Sit down, sit.
No conversation between us while riding. While getting out Brian said “Nicky will give advantage”. I gave them.
The sheet of paper cost only 2 denars while I had 100. “What should I do?” I decided to buy 2. While waiting Derek said to me:
-Nick will buy for me?
-Come on, if you want.
-Here you have 3 denars.
When it was my turn I said “2 sheets of paper” giving the 100 denars. The shop assistant said:
-How many?
-You’ll pay me later, when you will go to eat.
-I won’t go to eat. If it needs I’ll buy something else as well.
She returned the change. The forgotten me.
The subject for the written work was great. It was “Pirey”. For the first time in my life I wrote 3 pages and started on the 4th. On Sport I changed in front of other guys who were 2nd year. One even left his cell phone on my plastic bag which I later removed it. Even later I figured out that one of those guys was guest in my house say 10 years ago.
Later, on a break, I was looking who’s in the hall from the door of our classroom, and Irene went to hug me. I escaped as there was a professor entering at the next door’s classroom. She said:
-OK. From other reasons.
Andy got interested.
-Why didn’t you hug him?
-From other reasons.
I sat. Then we finally clarified.
-Do you know why? – She said to me.
-I know.
-And did you notice that I was mad at you?
-Yes. And I was pretending that I don’t talk to you. I didn’t talk to you.
-Who did you tell to?
-I told noone.
Did you reconsider?
-Yes. (quietly:) Sorry.
-Now what do you think?
-Now it’s a pleasure to me if somebody chooses to hug me.
-I cried about it.
-You cried.
-I cried, I’m sensitive.
She admitted. I wanted to say “I wouldn’t cry about it”, but I would have been selfish so I said:
-You shouldn’t have cried.
She prepared to leave.
-And something else. You have deleted me from Facebook.
-I deleted you since that day.
-And I thought of blocking you.
Andrea heard and said:
-Why blocking her?
Nick: Well who is she to delete me?
Irene: I did it with a reason.
Andrea: Why?
Nick: Who is she to delete me?
Irene: With a reason.
Andrea: Why?
Irene: We fought about something…
Nick: Should I add you?
Irene: If you want add me. I’m not online often now, but I’ll add you.
No more hate between us. When it comes about crying, there’s no chance I’d cry about it. So what if somebody is richer than me? It’s a fact. That doesn’t stop me from being happier than her/his. And if that’s his/her only criteria for letting me hug him/her or not, he is worthless. There are other people who aren’t.
The professor Adelle released us from Management and I returned to Zlox with taxi with Sarah, Barbara, Diana and Andrea.
420432_292968227435641_42136527_nHome, I cried and published the photo on Facebook on my alternate profile Ni Ck to close friends only a.k.a. my cousin Sarah only. I started crying the previous day as I remembered Ducky sitting next to me and I wished God to make something good to him, instead of me. He was very good. Another reason: How can they be so ensemble? Even Andy who the previous years was often absent and last year he “lived” in the dormitory. I don’t get it: How did he become closer to them spending only a semester? When I think better I know the answer. He entertained them while waiting for the bus and… chatted on Facebook with them. It seems like he had been suffering from ADHD. The photo was captioned: “What do they have more than me? What makes them W A N T E D?” And figured out the answer of the question “What do they have more than me? It was: the right sexuality.
Sarah said the photo was strong and I told her the reason for the crying. She advised me to be popular on my real FB profile as Andy is.
I didn’t accept.


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