10.02.2012 – 15.02.2012

The postponed information for the next 6 days is derived from my short notes:

Friday 10.02.2012
While I was standing in the bus somebody said to me:
-Nicky sit somewhere.
-There isn’t place.
-How come there isn’t place?
On Sport, Darryl congratulated Ethan for his driving license. As I remember I wanted to do it too, but I didn’t have the courage.
Notes for the rest of the day: Changed other, Management, Nick how is written, Stay, Adele, Bernard.

Saturday 11.02.2012
M. revealed the reason for his coming: to pass the time.

Sunday 12.02.2012
I saw the diagnosis that was given to my sexual abuser’s son.

Monday 13.02.2012
-Nicky it stopped snowing. Nicky.
It was that D. from the “mines” suggesting me to put the umbrella down on the waiting area using modified voice. I turned around, saw him, then I closed my umbrella. In the bus somebody said to me “Sit down next to Ted… Let Nick sit somewhere.” …
The rest of the notes: DB, voices, Johnny. Bastard. Greatest gay. How many lessons did you have? You are more than him.

Tuesday 14.02.2012
Notes: Nicky come here, sit. – Johnny sit there next to Nicky, Waiting a lie, Macedonian, Who hasn’t spoken in a long time? Sport, Go, choice backhand, Derek miss (This is from a conversation I heard outside the locker room, Derek Vince said to the boys I was “only missing” the ball playing handball, since then I stopped caring about our friendship), Sarah, Barbara.
After the bus came, Rob D., who got in, asked me:
-You want me to save you place?
-Come on.
It was my habit to wait for the others to get in first.
-Every time you get on the last. Fuck you.
Wow, somebody said “fuck you” to me. This is an achievement.
My next notes: That’s the best, Sit down, Meteor, and in the evening…
… through my window I saw Brian, along with two other guys from the “mines”.
-There he is. – They spotted me.
-He has a computer. – My computer was spotted too.
I was happy, but I was hiding to conceal my happiness.
-His mother can come out.
And the talk was done.
Later, a guy who passed asked me: “What are you doing?”, but I didn’t answer. Was it Rob?

Wednesday 15.02.2012
Notes: No Nicky, Grateful Ashley, Sarah move desk (probably on Management)
The evening a changed my Facebook profile picture – taken from my grandad while walking in the snow. I got a comment “oooooo well there’s the boy” from some Davis Miller. I didn’t recognize who he was. A picture of him had Dave in it,332978_2893956461180_2063177599_o but Dave had a different profile. Mum advised me to ignore the comment, but I wanted to put “like” to it. He dedicated a comment to me, he deserved it.


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