Tuesday 07.02.2012

We were late, and we made even more waiting outside and in the hall of the school, not to be asked Philosophy. “Is this my chair?” E. checked if Andrea’s chair was his chair. Some inscription, presumably.
Irene fell on the way to school and she was confessing to sb on the phone. She wasn’t happy and I laughed just for her to see that I can be cheerful although I don’t have her on Facebook.
Irene: Why were you laughing?
Me: Because you were hiding.
Irene: I wasn’t hiding, I couldn’t hear.
Denise: You can not prove him.
I proved I can be happy, for the rest I don’t care.
On Sport Cassand (full name not deserved) was wearying me about “How the project matura task should be done?” It was weird to me that she asked me. Her friend Elaine said she would come at my place on Friday – “You won’t have for studying”.
On English we were given cards which contained different situations and we should guess how some co-student will react. I complemented Molly when she explained “…how you should…” (pause, looking at me)
-Act. How you should act in…
This brave step was my first time. I immediately regretted. Thank God she accepted it. Someone could have interpreted it like that she/he needs vocabulary. Seems I watch TV shows on MTV1 a lot.
I was in the first read situation. Kathy’s group put me as a host who prepared a meat soup to his vegetarian friend. The others including E. were laughing, so I smiled. I said: “I would apologize and promise not to do it another time. A point for them!
After English I prepared to leave, when Mary reminded me we have Economy. It was definitely an English lesson dedicated to me.
Afterwards, Brenda came to look for trainers for Sport.
-Did Tiffany come?
Me: I don’t know. Return my book to me!
-Come with me.
Walking, seeing Gloria, entering in another classroom, “Thank you”, “Let me see it” from Melanie and getting stopped by Elaine:
-Nick, come here.
I came, like a robot.
-Do you have 60 denars to lend Cassandra?
-I have 100. (honest, like in court)
-Cassandra, Nick has money.
-Why she needs it?
-To buy pills. (like a drug addict in a curing phase)
I searched the money in my sportswear. Cas. said “I’ll return it to you tomorrow morning”. She said it twice. It seemed decent. She obviously had a big need. Then, Darryl asked:
“Has anyone tissues?”
He said it twice. He said a joke with a meaning “To blow out my nose”. I had a bunch of serviettes, but I didn’t offer. I turned around and I saw how he was taking his glance off from me. He knew it. After it I said to myself I didn’t give him because: “I felt like he treated me unfair in some situations (like in 8th grade when he asked me what was “it” (it was condom) or when he didn’t name me in the bus sexually) so I decided not to treat him at all”. I’m sorry Darryl, now I see I wasn’t in good mood. Christianity says “give what they ask from you”, but this wasn’t asked in personal.
On Economy, Sarah asked me if I liked drawing graphs.
-Nick aren’t you bored drawing graphs?
– (quietly)No.
The professor Adele heard and smiled.
After lessons we, the boys stayed again and a cleaner who came called us “friends from the committée”. She said the German professor they called Darryl a doctor, but he didn’t want to become one. Rob said “If he doesn’t want to be a doctor – gynecologist”. What’s the thing about males and genecology?
In the bus I sat on that seat again. And I laughed.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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