08.02.2012, 09.02.2012

Wednesday 08.02.2012

Pooh. I ashamed myself. In the morning just when the bus arrived and was turning around and Dave (the one who paid biggest attention to me from the “mines” according to me) said, in fact sang “Get on Nicky…” I assumed he said “Where are you Nicky?” and I quietly said “I’m fine”. Luckily, not looking at his face. And when I realized the mistake I turned my head to the other side. I heard a comment “He’s being shy”. I was, from my guff, not from the song about me.
In the bus Marcus (on the Pigs) said to me “Sit next to the Jomba (John)”. I sat, although the seat was reserved for someone else at first.
At school – the lessons were 30 minutes long.
Cas. was absent. I guessed the reason. Barbara asked me if I had 10 denars.
The interrogation Management was postponed.
Home, Michael came because his food wasn’t ready yet. He asked who the “capacity” will be. I said I didn’t know and that Vince wanted it to be Sarah. Let some people hope it’s gonna be from our class!


Thursday 09.02.2012 – People are endlessly shameless

On the place where we were waiting just as I arrived I heard Brian saying “There, You will go with Nick. He’ll go too.” Where? Who to?
Cas. wasn’t absent and did NOT return me the money. It was the highest amount I have ever left.
2 classes had Sport together (our word). Kathy said to me:
-Nikey get in.
-There are others.
-So what? They are male too.
I changed when there was no one.
I played basketball with Mary N..
I didn’t change at the end. Ben Morgan – Benzy looked at me when I passed. You don’t want contact, you’ll look at me.
I sat next to Marcus in the bus – parallelly with Brian. When he stood up he held himself up. Just then I stood up too and my head hit at his arm. “Sorry” – he said. While it may mean distance and respect, consider he didn’t say “Nick”. Maybe he wasn’t a person who often says names, like me.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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