Monday 06.02.2012

A positive day.

In the bus some student said to another: “D… make place for Nick”. I couldn’t see who he was, neither I knew the name of the other one who generously moved his school bag from the seat next to him. He said “Come Nicky”. Unlike me, Elaine was standing. Next to me. She asked me:

-What did we have for studying today?

-Economy and Logic.

-The new lessons.


It wasn’t the new lessons, but interrogation and a test. But I couldn’t be open to her interrogation because it would have been a point more in the test called “Nick is closer to girls” (which I don’t want to pass).

-When should I come?

-When we won’t have for studying. I’ll tell you.

He heard us. The shy Nick was talking. To a girl.

Elaine said to the girl next to her:

-Someone farted. Did you Nick?

I didn’t use the word “fart”. Neither I farted. It was stupid. It was just her way of joking. I looked towards her, but it occurred to me it would be the best if I ignore her. So I did it. She said:

-Are you angry at me?

-I am not. The others will hear.

Obviously referring to the guy next to me.

– What?

-The others will hear.

How come? How come she had to be right next to me? Looks like she grabs every opportunity like when I said “We aren’t that close (for you to come every day)” and after it she said “Didn’t we say to become closer?” A user.

After “the bus” I rushed not to be late and Rob T. said to me “They will trample you, Nicky”.

On the class lesson, Vince said he would suggest Sarah for the student of generation. First I thought “It’s not fair, Mary was the best if all years are considered” but then… considering the person it come from, my next thought was “Let him have his fantasies. (Ha-ha)

Before Economy Ashley told me I to go to “copy” (in fact print) our Biology project activity project on the big break. On the actual lesson, thank God I wasn’t asked. After it she was begging me to do it while Adele was still there:

-Go copy it, I have to go with Kathy to buy shoes.

-I can’t.

-Why? Are you shy?

-I made the project, now I can’t photocopy it.

-What’s gonna happen to you?

Adele walked.

Ashley: Goodbye.

Adele: Goodbye.

She saw I was persistent, so came up with a compromise:

-If you don’t want to go, we will go together, first we’ll go to buy shoes.

I accepted but I was nervous so I forgot to take my jacket on. How come she can put shopping first, when I made the project task? There was a crowd before going out from school. There Irene asked me why I didn’t take my jacket. I said I forgot. On the way Kathy asked me:

-Don’t you think she talks a lot?

-She does, but it’s for her.

-Was she right about this?

-About the project?


-She wasn’t. We are four people.

-That’s right.

And then… surprise. Wendy (the “copy” woman) changed the location.

-He doesn’t know where the photocopying place is. – said Kathy.

Inside, we waited. A lot. Ashley sat and after a brief conversation with her, Kathy said to me: – She is gossiping you.

-Well I can gossip her too.

-Why don’t you gossip her then?

-I don’t care.

-That’s clever.

That’s right. Why would I spend my time on that?

Kathy: What if we’re late for Maths?

Nick: We won’t be. If we are, I’ll leave.

Kathy: Don’t fuck up.

Nick: I’m not fucking up.

Just like that I used “fuck” on public place. While no one else was talking. In my defense she started first. After I finally got my turn Kathy said it was well made. And about the money, it cost 80 denars which we split by 40 with Ashley, but Wendy didn’t have (to return), so Ashley took the responsibility. I owed her 40 denars. Then they headed to the shop and Ashley said I to say to Wilma they would be late for the biology project.

I told Darryl about it as he was on duty. They were gone for the whole lesson and the professor didn’t write them in the diary. You see, it turned out better for them (according to them).

Logic test and then on English Andrea’s free seat next to me was taken by E.. I didn’t even think of that possibility. And a question:

-Nick (again) are these (pens) your?

He looked straight at me.

-They are not.

To be honest, one of them was, but I was only looking the one that was closer to me. During the exercises he asked me: “Where were we?” No “Nick”. Sarah asked me about a sentence. Then E. asked me “How is this one” but Sarah’s voice coincided his when she asked “Can’t this be ‘What worried people…?’”

-Wait – I said to her showing with my hand. E. was first and it was unique. I read him the sentence. I later said Sarah “I don’t know.” I did it this way because I saw it from the computer. Molly asked me for that sentence. She said “That’s right as well” on Sarah’s addition. E. was asked for the sentence I told him. It was the end of unit 7 and it finished with a song. Molly demanded Ethan to divide the papers with the song. They were fifteen and E. put him and me to look from one. Molly was really correct and realistic. She asked the last person who was sitting in the first row to divide them, not to me as per usual. It is so great to treat all the people the same. People will love you teacher!

Some of the song’s lyrics were missing and while I was writing them I noticed E. was looking at me. It was probably because of the speed.

After the lessons, Darryl, I, Even, Derek and Ashley stayed in the classroom. I asked Andrea about my non-writing pen, but I saw E. was looking at us, so I said “Never mind”. Elaine reminded me she was coming. I forgot to tell you she appointed me to come for a while to transfer photos. She left and Darryl asked what it was about:

-She to come where?

-At my place.

-Will you put it to her?

Wow! A question like this. Where it came from? I turned around a bit, I looked down.

-No. – I said. And smiled a little as he was smiling.

-You are crazy. – E. said to Darryl. Finally I was asked a sexual question from a male on my age in years. About the possible answers I could have said “If she gives” or “If I put to her… what”, but… this was “the golden mean”. It could have been worse. I’m progressing.

That was the difference between believers and the Godless people. The possibility to see what’s correct. I couldn’t lie. God was on the first place to me. E. said “You are crazy”. He wasn’t crazy, just an atheist. Now I realize he said it to defend me. If Darryl was crazy would Ethan have sat next to him? I wouldn’t say. I had the same time, but I was stupid (to hope people in this society would accept gays).

I tried to close the door but Ashley said “Don’t close it”, Darryl said “Close it”. I was hesitating and decided compromise would be the perfect solution. I opened it very little.

-Let it stay like that. – said Darryl.

Ashley stood up and opened the door (the Biology professor to see us). Darryl closed the door. I don’t remember how it finished, the Biology professor didn’t show up.

In the bus Sarah said Dean “Descend the seat to the kid”. You know what seat, right :D? He did it.

Minutes after 4 p.m. Elaine came at my home for an hour. It was short. No, I didn’t even think of putting it if you want to know.


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