Friday 03.02.2012

The bus was late again.

I changed clothes on Sport but I shouldn’t considering the little time left. Darek V. called me “to change ourselves”. And there:

Derek: Did you read the book?

Nick: I didn’t. Only that from the book.

Derek: He must ask me. It’s the 3rd.

Nick: Read only that from the book.

Derek: Is there snow in Zlox?

Nick: There is.

After getting out of the gym, he said “C’mon Nick”. But for how long? He took the stairs, I took the shortcut. I heard he’s going “on food” with Ethan. And he was asking Darryl to take his… I was obviously too far to be asked.

Thank God I wasn’t asked Philosophy.

On Economy, the new lesson “Basic instruments of the macroeconomic policy” was a bit incomprehensible, so the professor gave us parts to read while she was writing on the board. When she divided us she said: “The first target – Tiffany, Sarah – the second target. (I was the next) You are about the third target”. She didn’t say Nick. Was it about the quiz or simply Tiffany and Sarah were closer to her?

On a break (you’ll be surprised by this) Darryl was watching and commenting porn (“Is that a female orgasm?” To Mary) and after he turned his monitor on his left side, he saw I turned around. I noticed that and I turned around for a little again. And… he turned the monitor to my side. What I saw was like 5 different segments of which the first one was moving-video. It was a naked girl’s ass. I smiled. To me, the smile was as simple as blinking. The content wasn’t funny 163(imagine how sinful was the girl), but I smiled because… I had nothing better than it. The time he showed me the Brazilian models for best butt, I interrupted myself looking at it. This time he pulled the monitor towards him. An advance isn’t it?

Hours later, I walked with my grandad and I missed those guys I ride with. That gang I called “the mines”.


About Real real me

Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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