Wednesday – 01.02.2012

A new month and tomorrow is second second.

In the bus I entered through the back door and there was not a complete available seat so I kept standing. Then Dean said to me “Go next to Johnny” (he touched me when he pointed). While I was heading there, he said: “Johnny why don’t you call the friend to sit?” Now I was the friend although I don’t consider him for a friend because we don’t say anything when we see each other. However, obviously Johnny was a greater friend then me to him.

Macedonian, I didn’t read the “Sunrise behind the corner” and I wasn’t asked. To my surprise Andrea offered me the book. I said I’d see. We were close again. My good sides obviously surpassed my bad ones.

On the break Mary showed the class a photo from it when we were second year. On a break later Denise saw it on my monitor and was interested. I asked her if she had seen them, she hadn’t and I let her change ‘em. You see, I’m a good person if you treat me good.

Denise: How long was my hair then.

Me: Uh hum.

They mentioned 2.2. few times, specially Darryl during the day.

Before Maths Sarah showed the class photos of a student from the IV-2 – Marlyn to the class and when Derek V. saw I was standing next to him he turned the monitor to my direction. “Here Nick”, and he unwillingly disconnected the cable from it. It was reacted by Sarah: “Veach!”

On Management Tiffany did something that she shouldn’t (probably licked her fingers) and Adele said: “I won’t comment this”. Sarah said “Every day you work with weird people”. One of them must have been me.

935066_506740376028861_583821936_nOn Management Adele was offered chocolate “Najlepse zelje”, but she said she abstained from sweet things: “Just like I’ve taken”.

After school few students from Zlox stayed in the classroom including me and after the cleaners came we went out, the boys didn’t call me. Big deal. Not worth spending my time.

On the waiting area John asked if the seventh lesson was over and why hadn’t I left with my mum. He went before me when we were getting in the bus. I sat on my seat again. Alone.

A little before 8 o’clock while I was relaxing playing Hidden Chronicles on Facebook, my phone rang. It was 385 in the end. Sarah. Just in the middle of the game. I didn’t answer because of the question “What are you doing?” I didn’t want to say I was on the PC, neither lie her. But what was I gonna tell her tomorrow?


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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