29.12.2011 – 31.12.2011

Thursday 29.12.2011

Sarah said the quiz was very interesting and that she “torn herself up from laughing”.

She didn’t say to Adele, who told her about her inconveniences as a student. Wilma found out we were related when she asked if Michael was still alive. E. told Molly he’s going to Kochani for the NYE. I didn’t study anything for the next day, I was on the PC mostly.

Friday 30.12.2011

The last school day this semester.  We generally played Gnometris. Sarah called me to buy food with them, I accepted and bought Bruschette Maretti. Bernard spared us from the book on Sarah’s demand. We only had 4 incomplete lessons. After I left school Derek (Pr.) asked me “Now are you gonna go?”

– “I will.”
– With taxi?
– If I find. If I don’t, on foot.

He headed to the betting center Sportlife without goodbye. I stood where I was usually waiting. “Should I leave?” A taxi stopped in front of me. Darryl was on the front seat and asked me if I’d leave. “I will.” – I said and I entered in the car. Inside, he asked me if the professor let us go from Economy. Like every Friday, after school Michael come despite the deal with mum that we will go walking. He found out that I’m home from my dad.

Saturday 31.12.2011

SATC_TitleThe last day from 2011. I walked with my granddad. I spent the evening watching TV and on the Internet. I wasn’t aware that it was 00:00 while watching “Sex and the city”. Mum came to congratulate me.


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Writing a diary. Life is a FIGHT!
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